Registration for Our Weight-Loss (With Self Love) Program Now Open!

It’s the day that hundreds of you have been waiting for (and we know because you’ve been on our waiting list!). It’s THE day that registration opens for the 10 in 4 Challenge — our online weight-loss and health coaching program that helps you to make changes with a whole lot of self love!


And we are so ready to help you to feel good inside and out. Because we know that weight loss — the kind that truly lasts — has to come from a deeper place than just wanting to look a certain way. That’s why our program that we designed with our fave trainer Dave Smith is based on creating healthy habits that work for you and your life. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach or a “diet,” because all of us are a little different. And we all have our different reasons for wanting to be more fit. And, dude, diets never work. But we’ll give you the tools and the support to truly create the healthy life you don’t just want, but that you deserve.

The challenge will begin on January 9, but spaces are limited. So, sign up for the 10 in 4 Challenge now!


2017 is going to be your freakin’ year, girl. We just know it! Now let’s do this together.Jenn


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