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Resolutions by Numbers


Recently, I logged into online banking and noticed that our credit card was over the limit. Well over the limit. More than crazy Christmas shopping over the limit. I pulled up recent purchases and saw the culprit: A $1,600 charge to a PR firm I’d never heard of in California. I started wracking my brain and asking myself ridiculous questions: Did I spend $1,600 and forget about it? Did I need a PR firm for any reason? The conclusion was that no, we didn’t employ a PR firm for any reason, let alone pay them on a credit card the day before and forget about it.

Fun times ensued calling up the bank, which was super helpful handling the dispute. They immediately credited our account, made sure we weren’t hit with any badness for going over the limit, and told us to consider it resolved unless we heard otherwise. That was the good news. The bad news was that every autopay enrollment had to be canceled and updated with our new card. Which in this day and age meant that I had to spend a good hour going through Amazon and Netflix and numerous other online accounts updating everything.

I’m getting to new year’s resolutions, so hang in there.

In all of this updating, I logged into my gym account, which I hadn’t been on in forever. I noticed there was a Club Visits tab that listed the days I’d visited the gym this month. There was also an option to sort by the calendar year, so I clicked it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I’d hit the gym a total 105 times so far this year. It’s not record-breaking or anything, but it definitely shows a level of consistency that I’ve struggled to achieve since all of my little kidlets came along. It also got me thinking about my new year’s resolutions, because as any good goal-setter knows, you’ve gotta have hard numbers so you know whether you’re meeting your goals! And in 2017, I’ve got records to break.

Resolutions by Numbers

1. Increase my gym visits. I figure if I hit 105 visits this year, I can surely hit 130 in 2017. It’s arbitrary, sure. But it’s something to aim for! Plus, it doesn’t aim too high and gives me enough flexibility considering that some of my workouts don’t require the gym, like outdoor runs.

2. Run my next half marathon faster. Granted, getting a PR is considerably easier when it’s only your second half marathon, but I’d love to run my next race in April quicker than my 2:36 time in October. I’d love to hit more in the 2:10 to 2:20 range. Ambitious, but doable, I think.

3. Keep lifting heavy. I’ve been having so much fun lifting heavier weights at the gym. I’ll have to cut down on lifting a little as my half marathon training ramps up in the new year, but I’m a changed woman with the program I’m doing, and I will continue following my strength program as much as my body lets me. Maybe next year my goal will be to PR a deadlift or something, but for now I’m content with just increasing my badass quotient on the daily!

What are your goals for the new year? Any desire to run a race faster or lift heavier?Erin

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