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A New Year’s Resolution Shift

new year's resolution

What is it about New Year’s resolutions that gets everyone feeling so anxious? Year after year, I feel as though I’m in that same group of anxious dwellers. Thinking about what I will resolve to do to better myself. With this feeling I start to wonder, did I not give my all this year? Was I not the best version of myself I could be? Cue the violin.

I completely agree about setting goals. I believe goals are what helps us remain focused forward in all aspects of our lives. There is no limit on goals, no rules, no outline. These are personal and for our own gain. Year after year, my goal is the same. Weight loss or something similar; creating new behaviors, perhaps. This year, I feel less inclined to set a resolution for something I should always be focusing on like my health.

I find resolutions to be daunting. But this year, I want to simply be a part of my own life. Be in the moment, be grateful for my current being. My children’s health, mine and my husband’s health, our strong relationship and the knowledge I have. Instead of feeling as though I’m not doing enough, I want to love all that I’ve done. I am a hard-working mama, daily. My husband praises me for all I do to keep our home together; I usually follow his compliments up with “but I…”. Instead, I want to acknowledge that compliment. I am grateful for my husband’s hard work, we tell one another daily how proud we are of each other. Instead of resolving, I want to simply be in this moment of accepting.

We can always want more from and for ourselves, but there’s no need to wait for a date to start that. Let’s set our goals when they work for us and this year, focus on where we currently are in our life. Express gratitude to ourselves and forgiveness for what we didn’t accomplish. Allow ourselves that pat on the back. Give a compliment. Listen openly, with our hearts and our minds. Nurture ourselves for our daily routines. Enjoy the scenes we normally pass over. If all else fails, just let it all go and breathe.

What are your resolutions for the new year?Jennifer

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