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The Best of CES 2017: Something for Everyone


The 50th annual CES (Consumer Electronic Show) just ended in Las Vegas. As usual, it was full of exciting product launches for those of us consumers who are into electronics. (Yes, please! You know what a data dork I can be)

To me, one of the best new fitness-related products announced was the Motiv smart ring. It does everything your standard wrist-based tracker does, such as sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, but it’s smaller and looks like pretty jewelry. I’m particularly interested in this because I feel like I ask myself too often: “Does this tracker look nice enough with this outfit? Should I wear it to this wedding? It’s not fancy, but I’ll get so many steps on the dance floor!?” This ring would solve that dilemma for sure.

Some of the other most notable products are meant for new moms. By far, the most interesting, useful (and totally empowering) product to be announced is a breast pump that slips into a nursing bra, leaving mamas hands-free. And it’s quiet! There’s also now a wearable pregnancy monitor that will tell you when contractions are starting to get serious. I’m pretty pumped (pun possibly not intended) for all you Fit Bottomed Mamas.

If you those products don’t apply to you, maybe Proof will. It’s a wearable sensor meant to test your blood alcohol content. A disposable “cartridge” you insert into the band tracks your drinks for 12 hours at a time. It pairs with an app that displays your BAC. It will even predict what your BAC will be later in the night. If you plan to drive home, it will alert you when you’re sober enough. You can also invite others to track you so they know you’re being safe.

And if you’re into bigger technology (i.e. the stuff that’s too large to wear), plenty of new products were announced for you, too. Wallpaper TV from LG, home security in the form of a robot, and of course, all kinds of new computer and automotive technology.

What do you think about all these great new product announcements? — Megan

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