New Year New Rear Giveaway: Free Pair of Brooks Running Shoes


Wanna run yourself to bigger, better and faster things in the New Year? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only does today kick off our week of special New Year New Rear Week content (get all the fab posts here), but it’s also the start of a week of ah-mazing giveaways that’ll blow your compression socks right off. (Or almost blow them off; they should be tight enough to stay on!) And to start, we’re giving away a pair of new running shoes (like they just came out) from one of our fave companies (hence us being a blog ambassador of theirs): Brooks Running!

And — even better — YOU get to pick which new pair you win. Here are the three options that are up for grabs:

1. Ravenna 8: So energizing, the Ravenna 8 will keep you running. This sleek and springy ride is packed with responsive cushioning and trusted support to make any run seem short, while heel-to-toe transitions keep feet moving quickly from one stride to the next.

ravenna 8

ravenna 8

2. Launch 4: Filled with boundless energy, the Launch 4 is ready to take off on new adventures. The responsive ride gets a boost from an added row of rebounding rubber under the forefoot. Plus, the redesigned U-Groove at the heel frees neutral runners to truly run their own way. Add in a streamlined upper with a light on-foot feel and you’ve got the perfect vehicle for fun, comfortable and out-of-this-world runs.

launch 4

launch 4

3. PureFlow 6: Experience your natural side in the lightweight and agile PureFlow 6. The flexible midsole feels plush underfoot for a natural feel that still protects from impact where needed. Plus, the updated seamless upper hugs feet with a whole lot of style.

pureflow 6

pureflow 6

So, what’s it gonna be? Shoe number 1, 2 or 3? Simply leave a comment and tell us, which pair you want and in what size, and we’ll pick a winner in about a week and announce him/her in the comments and directly via email. Want a bonus entry? Tell someone else about this giveaway (via email, text, social media, whatevs) and leave a second comment with who you told.

This is the first giveaway of the week. Be sure you enter them ALL by bookmarking this link and checking back daily! —Jenn


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  1. I would love a new pair of Launch shoes. I have a pair of Launch, Launch 2 and 3. The Launch 3s carried me through the Army Ten Miler and they were the Olympic pattern style with red stars on a white background with blue accents. Very appropriate for the race. Right now I’m putting on my Launch 2s to go do a 5k in 35 degree weather. As an “overweight” runner, they fit very well and support me so that I can go out and run and try and move the Goo! They are my favorite shoes. I’d love a pair in 9.5. Thanks so much. Eileen Zelazny. BTW. I love the Near Year, New Rear line. That’s what I’m working on. Happy New Year!

  2. Shared this giveaway with my sister-in-law, Lauren LeDoux. Lauren is a fitness instructor and new Mom to a beautiful baby girl!

  3. Definitely shoe #1 – the ravena. Size 9. This would be a great way to kick off my marathon training!

  4. shared on Facebook–

  5. The Ravenna8 look like they were designed by Lisa Frank-in the best way possible! I’d love a pair in 7.5!

  6. Tagged Jennifer Busby on Facebook! Thanks for the chance to win an awesome pair of shoes! Happy New Year!

  7. I choose number 2 – Launch 4 and my size is UK 4.5. Any of them would be amazing though. Thank you. Happy New Year!

  8. Cool give, Ravenna 8 please as I am in a longtime relationship with the Ravenna and would like to keep it going. I don’t “run around” on her with anyone else!!
    Thx for thr opportunity.

  9. Oops, forgot to menation, my Ravenna is a size 10.5 womens….yep, this big feet keep me stable!

  10. I love the Launch 4 and I would need a size 11 I am telling Allyson Becker and Angela Montgomery because I know they would rock these fine sneakers..

  11. I would love the pair of lauch 4, in pink! I love running, and even tho I have asthma I keep pushing myself to emprove, and do better every day! This shoes would definitly improve my workout, they are so cute!!

  12. #3,black. 9.5 !!! I could really use a new pair of sneaks! My toes are saying hello from my current pair!

  13. The Launch 4 (#2) seems perfect for a neutral runner like me! I’ll take a women’s size 8 please!

  14. Those black Launch 4’s in a size 10 are calling my name! I’m coming back from a rather expensive injury so new shoes would be a huge help!

  15. #3 in size 7 for sure! I can’t wait for everything that will be in 2017. Baby #3 is arriving in January. I’m already signed up for a 5K in April and plan to do a half marathon in the fall. After nine months of pregnancy, I’m looking forward to hitting the road like my old self again.

  16. I would love a pair of #3 in size 6!! I am going to be training for my first half marathon this year and they would be great!

  17. I would love the Ravenna 8 in size 9.5 because Brooks running shoes have been on my fit throughout my five year fitness journey to lose and keep off 130lbs. My first pair of Brooks were Ravenna and they motivated. I over pronate and this shoe style has saved me many an injury. I am so Grateful you make such great shoes! Thank you!

  18. #3! 6.5 womens! The Purflow helped me fall in love running again. After 12 years of Track life I had to take 3 surgery breaks and I happy to get back on the track.

  19. I would love to try the new Launch in size 8. I recently got fitted and chose the ghost 9 over the launch, but it was a tough choice and I would love to have both 😃

  20. I have ran in Brooks for the last eight years & have completed eight half marathons as well as two full marathons. I wouldn’t train without a pair! I would love a new pair of Launch 4 size 8.5!

  21. Ravenna 8, size 6, pink and teal color. Love Brooks running shoes, they would be great inspiration for the new year!

  22. I would love to have the 2. Launch 4: in size 9. These are so awesome thank you for the chance!

  23. So what did I do first thing in the morning in the new year? I joined my neighborhood free running group and ran a 5k in 35 minutes. It felt great starting the year this way! And I plan on doing it every Sunday with my new group. With that said, the PureFlow 6 in size 6.5 would be perfect. Happy New Year all!

  24. I just recently signed up for FBG via email and I love it. All of the info on the site are very helpful! I enjoy receiving the emails and will tell my friends about the site. I would like to enter the Free pair of Running Brooks shoes. I would like #1 and my size is 9.5. Thank you!

  25. I’d love the Launch in a size 9.5. Those are some great looking running shoes, and my Brooks never let me down.

  26. I would love to try the Pureflow shoes! I’ve had several pair of Brooks and absolutely love them!!!

  27. My daughter and bff are also huge fans of brooks. I’ve shared this website with them

  28. I’d love to give the pureflow 6 a try again although I don’t think any of them would disappoint!

  29. I’d love to give the pureflow 6 a try again although I don’t think any of them would disappoint! Size 9.5 womens

  30. Would love to try the launch or even the pure flow its hard to find a good cushioned neutral shoe that works for me, so please size 9 in the launch , their shoes have the best colors!

  31. Such beautiful shoes – I would love a pair of the Ravenna 8 in size 8.5! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  32. I love Brooks shoes. I have been wearing them for years. They have seen me through many runs. About two years ago I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and required a hip replacement surgery. I have lived in my Brooks through it all. I am now working myself up to running again but it has been a slow process. Thank you Brooks for making excellent running (and more) shoes.

    I would love #3 the Pure Flow 6 in a size 6.5.

  33. Love shoe number 3 – size 8.5 — wouldn’t I look so sporty as I workout so maybe no one would notice my huffing and puffing!

  34. I would LOVE #2 in a size 9. I’m a college student and love to run but had to stop because of horrible shin splints. I’ve been trying to save up for a pair of brooks forever cause I know how awesome they are for people who are prone to running injuries!!! Love you FBG keep doing you and inspiring people to stay happy and healthy!!!

  35. I think the Launch 4 would work best for my needs (size 8)! I need a lot of arch support because of my plantar fasciitis that I’m still battling. Best of luck to everyone!

  36. Shoe number 3! PureFlow!! I have the Ghosts and Ravenna and would love to try the PureFlow! 🙂 Size 6.5 please!

  37. I just sent a text to a good friend of mine who is an avid runner and who I know wears and loves Brooks!

  38. I like all of these choices! I guess it I have to pick I like #3 best-pureflow6. 🙂 Size 8 1/2 please.

  39. Ravenna 8 Size 8

    Taking on my first full marathon (Vermont City!) in May, and these look perfect for the occasion!

  40. I would love the PureFlow 6 in size 11!!! Brooks are my absolute favorite shoes to work out in, from running to weights. Thanks for the chance!

  41. Ohhh the only shoes I run in are Brooks! I love the new color of the Ravenna 8. I would love a pair of the Ravenna 8 (pair 1) in 7.5. <3 Brooks!

  42. Pure Flow 6 – in 13 EE.
    Just beginning running for the first time and I think these would start me off on the right, “foot”. HAHA!

  43. Shoe number 1, size 12.5 (M-Regular Width) please.

    Brooks are truly my favorite brand but never had a pair of Ravenna’s, would love to start 2017 off with a new pair to support my resolutions.

  44. The Ravenna 8, Number1 choice, in size 8.5 would be awesome to win and fit right in with my running New Year’s resolution. Thanks!

  45. Oh my! I didn’t know they officially release the Pureflow 6’s! I love pureflow’s but HATED the 5’s. Hopefully the 6’s will be more like the previous versions (which were AWESOME!) So obviously I’d pick #3 the Pureflows in size 7.5.

  46. I would love the Raveena 8 in a size 8.5 please. I usually buy the cheapest ones because running shoes are so pricey. Even if I don’t win thank you so much for always providing awesome recipes and information to all of us ☺️ Truly appreciate it.

  47. Ohhhh I love that Ravenna 8 in a size 8. My runners are almost 7 years old, sadly. Mama needs a fix!

  48. I’m an overpronator who has used the Brooks Adrenaline in the past…. with these options I would choose the Ravenna, size 10.

  49. I don’t really know. Probably either #1 or #2 in a size 8 1/2. Thanks for a chance to possibly win.

  50. Pure Flow 6 size 7.5. I just started running and here wonderful things from my friends about Brooks running shoes.

  51. Brooks shoes, can’t recommend highly enough. I no longer wear orthotics. Thanks Brooks

    Shoe 3 purple please
    Size 9.5
    Please, please

  52. I would try the Pureflow 6 All Black in size 8.5. Love both the launches I have but am always looking for a new brooks shoe to try!!

  53. Shoe #1 Ravenna 8 in Size 10! These look awesome! Would love these for the 1 race/month challenge I am doing for 2017. 🙂

  54. I would love the Ravena 8 size 9 😊 I wasb just reading about how awesome they are! Sounds like they’re worth a shot!! 🏃🏻‍♀️

  55. Number 2 in a size 7.5 would be stellar! I’m training for some long distance races and need that extra support and cushion! A free pair of shoes would help me budget for a race this coming season (hopefully a marathon)!! Thanks for all the great articles!

  56. I like 1 and 2! I think I like 2 better in a size 8 please. 🙂 Thank you for the giveaways! Happy New Year!

  57. Both my wife and I love Brooks Pureflows. She would be so excited if I won this for her. She wears a 7.5.

  58. And the winner is … Erin Chandler — #181!!! Emailing you now, Erin. CONGRATS!!! And thanks to all who entered. 🙂

    —FBG Jenn