Something Healthy to Sip On

While I’m rarely one to turn down a happy hour invite, after this busy holiday season, even I’m feeling the need to say, “No, thanks,” and stay at home to indulge in a little quiet time.
And, of course, some healthy — but tasty! — treats.
I love sipping on really delicious stuff, whether it’s a smoothie or coffee or champagne or something else entirely, and while this habit can be way less than healthy, as I roll into the new year, I’m want to share with you a few healthy, sippable items I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing recently.


I am very into soup in general — I think it’s a really great way to get loads of veggies into a meal, and there are so many options when it comes to flavors and textures that I honestly believe I could eat soup every day for the rest of my life and never get bored. And with ZÜPA, you can add the fact that it’s super portable into the mix!
These ready-to-sip soups are made with whole, ripe veggies and come in individual bottles six flavors: Organic Tomato Gazpacho, Organic Yellow Pepper Habanero, Organic Beet Orange Basil, Organic Tomatillo Jalapeno, Organic Carrot Coconut Lime and Organic Cucumber Avocado Fennel. My personal fave? It’s gotta be a tie between the Tomatillo Jalapeno and Carrot Coconut Lime, with everything else a really close second. Seriously, they’re all super — refreshing, flavorful and nutritious.

CideRoad Organic Switchel

Ever heard of a switchel? It’s an old fashioned drink made of water, vinegar and ginger, and CideRoad has a delicious and modern take on this beverage, using filtered water, apple cider vinegar, cane syrup, Vermont maple syrup, ginger juice and ginger puree. It’s got that slightly tangy flavor of our beloved ‘bucha, but with some added sweetness (because, well, sugar) that makes it seriously crave-worthy. And at under 70 calories for all three flavors (Maple & Ginger, Blueberry, and Cherry), plus a bunch of health benefits (like clearing sinuses and congestion, boosting energy, providing hella electrolytes and more), well, there’s no reason not to reach for one now and again, right?

Temple Turmeric

temple turmeric
Turmeric has to be one of the buzziest buzz words to have buzzed its way into the foodie world this year, and for good reason — it’s been shown to have lots of great health benefits, like reducing inflammation, increasing your body’s natural defenses, helping you feel sharper and boosting flexibility. And I might’ve found the easiest way to get your daily dose in Temple Turmeric’s Shots. The individual 3-ounce bottles each come in three flavors: Turmeric, Red Ginger and Fire — you can pick your fave or get a variety pack if you like a mix of flavors and spice levels. Each flavor is organic, hand-crafted and cold-pressured, containing 10,000 mg of whole root turmeric. I’m a little partial to the Red Ginger (surprise, surprise) but honestly dug them all.

Shan Valley Tea

shan valley tea
There’s nothing like wrapping your hands around a warm, steamy cup of tea on a cool morning, and that ritual feels even better when said tea is from a company with an awesome history and mission. Shan Valley Tea’s story started half a century ago in Myanmar, and now, with the third generation taking the helm, the tea is available in the U.S. (online and in select Whole Foods stores).
All of that’s pretty special, granted, but even more special is the fact that Shan Valley offers First Flush Black and Green Teas, which means they’re harvested in March or April and considered the year’s most premium teas. That might not be of the utmost importance to the casual tea drinker, but for those of us who really like to get our tea geek on? That’s seriously cool. I love comparing the First Flush to the Mountain Roasted Green Tea — there truly is a subtle difference!
When it comes time to take a sip of something good, what’s your go-to? Hot, cold, sweet, spicy? —Kristen

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  1. Vicky says:

    Is it good for health? I don’t get used to trying it. Thanks to you, i know a new healthy one.

  2. I used ZÜPA NOMA, I know how it tastes. I appreciate ZÜPA NOMA. The problem is that I want to try the rest. Thanks for the shared post