The Smart Phone Case That Makes Cooking Easier

smart phone case
What does a smart phone case and ease of cooking have to do with each other you ask?
Yes, it’s a cell phone case that will stick to almost any surface, in your kitchen or your life. Meaning that you can pull up that recipe you love (like, ahem, this one, right?) on your phone, stick the case to your wall or fridge at eye height and then make that recipe like a boss. Or a chef. Or a Swedish chef.

No matter what kind of amazingness it helps you to embrace, I can tell you from experience that the MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case ($39.99) works. I first used it while cooking this feast, and it came in so handy. According to the company, it uses “nano-suction technology to stick to almost any surface.” While “nano-suction technology” may sound like a line out of Wayne’s Worldit really does stick to all kinds of surfaces.
I’ve also found it uber helpful for keeping a plan or video up while I’m working out — and it’s also awesome for taking videos for the Fit Bottomed World and just FaceTiming with friends. Not to mention that I can stick it up higher on the wall than my toddler can reach. (And if you have a kid, you know how sneaky they can be at stealing your phone, so this is major.)
While I haven’t switched my usual phone case over to this one (I honestly just keep it suctioned in the kitchen so that I can pop it in whenever I’m cooking), they also have versions that turn the basic phone case into a wallet and mirror and bottle-opener, which I love the idea of (I just need a corkscrew). I take my phone with me everywhere, so why not make it a little more multipurpose, right? Right.
Do you cook with your phone? Clearly, I do. Jenn

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