Wednesday Giveaway: Crossrope Infinity Rope System Plus Set

We’re a few days into the New Year already, so let’s recap the giveaways so far for New Year New Rear Week:

And if that doesn’t get you jumping, jumping. This will. (See what we did there?)


The Crossrope Infinity Rope System Plus Set ($128) is a powerful interchangeable jump rope system that can be used anywhere. By transitioning between four different lightweight and heavyweight ropes in your workouts, you have the tools to achieve all of your fitness goals, from fat loss to muscle building. Take your workout with you wherever you go! (And, yeah, we tried a version of this system and LOVED IT.)

Here’s how you can win it. Leave a comment telling us what workouts make you jump for joy (sorry, we just can’t stop with the jumping puns), and we’ll pick a winner in about a week and announce him/her in the comments and directly via email. Want a bonus entry? Tell someone else about this giveaway (via email, text, social media, whatevs) and leave a second comment with who you told. Oh, and Crossrope is SO cool that they’re also giving all FBG readers 10 percent off any product with the code FBG10. Sweet, huh?

This will probably surprise no one, but it took all the restraint we had to not link to this videoBut then we did just link to it, so …  Jenn


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  1. I love a good heavy lifting session with some plyo thrown in between sets. So this would be perfect!

  2. I’m jumping for joy when we have an extra workout with friends I don’t usually see everyday at the gym.

  3. I enjoy anything that involves improving strength. I especially love Insanity and P90X workouts. These would be a great addition to my Tony Horton workouts!

  4. My favorite workouts are:

    Kettlebell circuits
    Heavy rope jumping
    And burpees!

    I also like to use Tabata intervals and EMOTM.


  5. Jumping rope stimulates my whole body! Great exercise to start the day with! Totally recommend it!!!

  6. i love rebounding on my mini trampoline because it makes it fun and its lot of joyful jumping. the infinity ropes looks amazing.

  7. Spinning classes make me jump for joy.
    Can’t wait until my knee is fully healed and I can start again.

  8. My main sport is football I play for a team on saturdays and train in the week!

    But love every aspect of training! I love to skip (jump rope) also love Boxing and any form of high intensity workout!

    Anything that gets the blood pumping and makes you fitter and stronger!

    Running is also key both short and distance runs!

    Fitness is life.

  9. Things that make me jump for joy is the process of realizing that I’m getting better. Is that when I first try something its tough but after countless failures all you need is that one piece of success to realize that all those bad days were worth it for that one joyful day.

  10. I combine running and bodyweight training… But already thought about buying a jump rope to spice the workout up 😉
    Soooo…I would be the happiest person if you choose me to win that give-away.
    Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  11. I told my boyfriend because he can do over 200 double unders in a row and I’m trying to beat him ha! He just got me a speed rope for Christmas in good competition spirit…

  12. my favorite workouts are definitely all types. I love dancing, yoga, running, weights. It just depends on my mood!

  13. Double unders have always been a huge weakness of mine and currently am doing CrossFit from my basement with limited funds and material. These jump ropes would allow me to practice every day.

  14. I like a good long walk and light weight training session. This looks like it would be fun to add to the mix!

  15. My favorite workout would have to be my leg day routine! I especially love it with added weights.

  16. I love getting good workouts in but travel a lot for work. These would be the bees knees since I could take them with me easily when I travel! These baby’s will be great for strength and cardio too!

  17. Normally I’m not a big jumper… really need to make sure I wear a proper bra before any such activity, but without jumping to conclusions, this set is something I would use. One of my favorite workouts is springboard on the reformer. It’s basically a horizontal tramp.. and is just short of playtime.

  18. Started the year taking Boxing Classes and love it and yes…we warm up with a lot of jump roping!!! 🙂

  19. I do a lot of metabolic conditioning – one of these ropes would be a perfect addition to my work out.

  20. I am a fan of the elliptical/cross trainer with some weight lifting. Haven’t done too much of the ropes previously but I am hoping to change that in 2017!

  21. Love my HIIT and circuit workouts, those squat tuck jumps are KILLER! Love a challenging workout and these look like they would be super easy to integrate!

  22. I just moved to a small town about a year ago, and I have been so blessed to find two amazing workout classes. One is a crossfit/circuit type class with a very motivating instructor, and the other is a cardio based station workout with an amazingly inspiring woman; she does centering yoga moves at the end, and it is just awesome. They both give me a great workout, and I enjoy both of them- I look forward to going to class!

  23. My favorite workout right now is working up to running a 5K! I am currently half-walking, half-running a 5k a couple days a week and doing interval training in between.

  24. Workouts that make me jump for joy are kickboxing, Pilates and dance classes. These keep me motivated and I love being challenged in class! So much fun!!!

  25. My favorite workouts are ones that leave me dripping with sweat, usually a combination of heavy lifting and HIIT.

  26. Whenever I have a lower body injury, trampoline workouts make me jump for joy! Feels great to feel like I can still get in a good workout while nursing an injury.

  27. I’m jumping for joy over my rebounder workouts. I keep mine in the living room to remind me to jump daily!

  28. Favorite workout is anything that involves my whole body, and makes me think. Jump rope definitely qualifies since if I’m not focusing every second I trip. Actually I trip anyway.

  29. The lucky winner is Charlsie Neer — #12! (Glad you told your boss, right?!) Emailing you now, Chris. And a big thanks to all who entered!

    —FBG Jenn