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10 Ways to Love Yourself Today

love yourself

All of us have been taught the power of giving back. We’ve each been provided opportunities to give back, to better someone else and to give warmth and happiness. But, just how often do you give back to yourself? I’m talking to every busy mama, whether you’re home with your kids or you’re a working mama, we forget that we need some TLC too. So, in honor of this love month full of hearts and gooey feelings, here are some ways to love yourself — today!

1. Get a room. Rent a hotel room by yourself! Just for one night, rent a room. Turn off your phone. Do whatever you want, just have some REAL you time!

2. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi. Who doesn’t love a good pampering session? Go to a place you normally do not go, where you won’t run into anyone you know. Give yourself that time to relax fully and melt into your chair.

3. Go to the library. Get a sitter for an hour or two and go to the library — a place where you’re forced to be quiet. Sit in a chair with that book you may have had at home or have been wanting to check out, and read a few chapters. Not ready to go home yet? It’s okay — read a couple more chapters!

4. Need some wine? Check out your local wineries for upcoming wine tastings. Book a reservation and  let someone else do the pouring. Who cares what you’re tasting; you’re drinking from different wine bottles and no one is there to share it with!

5. Walk a new path. Listen to the world around you. No music, just breathe in the fresh air. Find a new safe path and let your body stretch out at your own pace.

6. Try some new beauty products. Pamper your skin and beauty regime by trying new products. Treat your skin well!

7. Indoor sky diving. Give yourself some excitement and have some fun. These indoor sky diving places are popping up everywhere. It’s the safe way to get that thrill in!

8. Try out that sex toy. Skip the gym after dropping the kids off at school, go home and try out that sex toy you have hidden in the box from your friend’s party. We won’t tell.

9. Drive a quiet car. Sometimes the best kind of love comes from the sound of silence. We’re not in quiet cars often, so make it happen. Drive somewhere, or nowhere, your choice!

10. Do nothing. When the kids and husband are asleep, just do nothing. Let the laundry wait one more day; allow your phone battery to die. Don’t rush to do anything. Let your routine slip. Just simply be.

Which number will you choose today? —Jennifer

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