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Going Vegan: Planning for the Culture Shock

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Vegan. To some, it is a buzzword. It has its own hashtag and juice bars are pushing the “movement.” I see it everywhere. My friend and former esthetician, Claudia Doolittle, really sparked my curiosity towards this lifestyle. She shares so many great articles on the benefits a raw lifestyle has on her body, mind and skin appearance, and it recently made me realize that going vegan was something I really wanted to explore.
I’ve always believed our bodies were not made to digest animal protein and often times, I take a “break” from it. So, for 30 days, I plan to transition to a vegan and raw lifestyle. My primary focus will be on how my body reacts: energy level, appetite, attitude, mental feeling and my emotional support. I also plan to pay attention to how those around me react: friends, family, restaurant encounters, etc.
In the past, going all in has worked for me, but in this venture, I’m afraid I will become emotional over the process. My plan is to ease into the lifestyle, and allow my body to guide me. Rather than giving something “up” for a certain, predetermined number of days, then moving onto the next item to eliminate, I want to see how my body responds so I can determine when — and what — I will cut out next.
I’ll start with chicken — I don’t enjoy it all that much anyway. And red meat will be pretty simple. The most challenging part of this 30-day journey will be cheese and eggs. Maybe even fish. I incorporate these three items into my daily meals and wonder how I will feel missing out on them. This is where being tuned into my body will play a key role.
If you follow Fit Bottomed Mamas, then you know I am a busy mom of two kids — 4 and 18 months. These two keep me running around, so I’ll also be pointing out any trials and tribulations that come with transitioning to veganism with my family. Now, I cannot promise that the entire family will be on board — although, I do plan to make great vegan recipes and see how they react. My kids (who am I kidding, my husband too!) will eat anything as long as it tastes good. Aren’t we all like that?
To prepare for this, I have been looking into some vegan resources that Claudia suggested:

And there are a few more I’ve pulled some recipes and tips from that I’ll be sure to mention on social media (@fitbottomedmama on Twitter and IG — follow along!) as I use them.
I know I might experience a bit of culture shock, and I am prepared for that (or at least as prepared as one can be). But if you’ve got suggestions, let me have ’em!
Where are my vegans? What are your favorite family-friendly recipes? —Jennifer

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