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3 ‘Beauty’ Products That Are Equally Awesome for Guys and Gals

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Most “beauty” products are for women. But it’s Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week, and we want the guys to feel equally as handsome inside and out as the girls do — and we want to solve all of their workout-related hair, skin and body woes. Because, they totally have them. They just don’t have as many Pinterest boards dedicated to them. And — bonus — these products are so great, that the ladies in the house will dig them, too. Now, let’s break some gender beauty barriers, shall we?


TH Care By Tony Horton

When we talked to Tony Horton for our podcast (spoiler: great, hilarious interview!), we were surprised to learn that he had his own line of hair/body wash and face/skin spray. He RAVED about it and his team generously sent us some to try. Turns out, Tony is totes right. His TH Care line is great. Free of sulfates, parabens and colorants, the line is PH balanced and seriously works and smells great.

The Workout Hair & Body Wash is thick so it’s great for shorter hair (I found that for my long hair I had to use A LOT of product), has a clean and crisp fragrance, and saves you room in your gym bag by doing double-duty on your hair and body. The Fitness Face & Skin Spray also does double-duty on your — duh — face and skin and has that clean and crisp scent. It’s basically a lotion that you can spray on. At first I thought the 3.4-ounce spray bottle wasn’t going to last me long but I used it regularly on my face and legs for MONTHS. Really great stuff!


Power Clean Soap for Athletes

You may have heard the phrase, “Train dirty … eat clean,” but how about “Train dirty … recover clean”? That’s the rather endearing tagline of Power Clean Soap for Athletes and this stuff is created by CrossFitters, but works for anyone who likes to hit the gym or weights and is looking for a soap that really washes away the sweat and grime and leaves your skin feeling clean.

Certified organic and without the use of any chemicals like parabens or detergents, this stuff is made with essential oils and plant materials. Every bar has a little grit to it, so you get a little extra exfoliation action, too. They come in so many good-smelling varieties. My husband and I both loved the Cool Peppermint Bar, Oatmeal & Spice, and Lemongrass Tea Bar. This stuff almost makes you want to get dirty just so that you can get clean.


SandBar + BarButter

You guys know about my ongoing hand issues, yeah? Well, SandBar takes it up a notch with not just a balm for your hands (the BarButter), but an entire system that mimics how you hold a bar that helps you to keep your calluses in tip-top condition (not too much of them … but also not too little). Every day you basically hold the bar and then sand down your calluses (which is really easy to do with the bar — the abrasiveness can be cleaned with soap and water and is supposed to last for years), and then apply BarButter. The BarButter is all-natural with tea tree and lavender essential oils, which smell great but also help to speed healing.

My husband doesn’t tear nearly as often as I do during pull-ups at the gym, but we’ve both been using the system and it seems to be helping us. It’s way more convenient and ergonomic to use than a pumice stone or file and the BarButter really helps to soften and hydrate and — bonus! — also smells great.

Share any other “beauty” products with your significant other? What are they? My husband and I sometimes share a jump rope. Does that also count?Jenn

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