5 Ways to Celebrate Spring With Your Children

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My family and I live in Southern California. I’m sure every state has a unique problem they have to work together to improve. California’s problem is the drought. We’ve been dry for years. This year, though, we have had a good amount of rain. I almost don’t want it to stop because I appreciate finally having fresh and vibrant green in the mountains and open fields covered in luscious-colored weeds. There’s green everywhere and I love it!

But when I start questioning my sanity because of all the time spent inside with recycled air and constantly picking up death threats (also known as toys) from the ground, I can’t help but wish for the rain to give me a break. I know this is me being selfish — or could we just agree that it’s me simply trying to stay human and not lose it on my children and spouse?

When I catch myself thinking this way, I do my best to shift my perspective. If I keep gratitude at the forefront, the payoff will be that much better. I must be patient. Our spring will not only be rich in color, but it will be welcomed and appreciated after a long season of rain. (I know we’re spoiled living in Southern California.)

This spring, I’m looking forward to getting outdoors, making memories and delighting in the wonders of a spring after a good rainfall. I invite you to enjoy with us, wherever you are. Here are some ways we will be celebrating.

5 Ways to Celebrate Spring With Your Children

1. Go on a hike. We live in a valley, so we’re surrounded by mountains, which gives us many trail-hiking options. Of course, not all of them are child-friendly, so if you’re thinking of hiking with your children, research the trails and even check them out first without the kids. Choose a trail based on your children’s ages and abilities.

2. Observe in the outdoors. This is great to do on a hike — or anywhere. You can observe at a park, on a bike path, or walking in your neighborhood. To get the most of celebrating this way, ask questions and talk about what you see with your children. This will inspire your children to do the same. I love hearing and seeing my children’s perspectives.

3. Collect nature items. This one has many applications and can also be done anywhere. It can help teach your children about what they could and shouldn’t touch in the outdoors and why. My son loves collecting rocks, and as an attempt to avoid bringing a heavy stockpile home, I try to persuade him to make art with his collection for others to enjoy while they hike.

4. Dance in the sun’s warm rays. After a season of being indoors, the warm sun on your skin is one thing, but dancing while having those warm rays kiss your face will give your children a different, more joyful perspective of you. It is priceless to see your children give into happiness along with you.

5. Make spring shape art. Don’t have time to do the outdoors? Grab some construction paper, a pencil, scissors and glue. Draw circles, triangles, rectangles, any and all shapes, and help your children cut them out to build flowers, the sun, grass, mountains or anything else spring-related. It’s a fun little project to get the spring juices flowing.

Where do you live and how will you be celebrating the spring season with your children? I love spring! Can you tell? —Jasmin

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