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4 Ways to Feel Anew This Spring

springtime renewal

Spring is a time for renewal, a fresh start. Flowers are blooming, skies are clear. The weather is finally warm enough to play outside! Still, it can sometimes be difficult to shake off the winter sloth and spring forward. There are a number of ways to refresh yourself this time of the year so you can enjoy the fresh air.

1. Deep Clean

Deep cleaning is never particularly fun, but it sure feels awesome when you’re done. During the winter most of us spend an ungodly amount of time indoors, which means our homes are often less than groomed. Spring cleaning is the best time to shed the months of winter dust that has become a fat dust bunny under your couch. Deep clean your home to breathe easy so you can enjoy the warm spring days.

2. Purge Your S***

The winter holidays bring an abundance of goodies, which usually means homes become overly cluttered with junk from Christmas past. Purging your home of forgotten crap will give you more room. It means less to worry about, less to move, less to store. If you’re having trouble knowing what to keep, try Marie Kondo’s decluttering method — ask yourself if an object brings you joy. If it doesn’t, toss it.

3. Grow an Herb Garden

Maybe I’m just slowly becoming my mother, but planting an herb garden is an awesome activity for the spring. Tending to your herb garden is a great way to connect with nature and soak in the sun. The best part about gardening is you can enjoy nature from your home while cultivating yummy spices. Fresh produce you grow — how cool is that?!

4. Learn to Unplug

I get it — unplugging is easier said than done. Most of us depend on technology for work, planning our week and overall communication. Still, unplugging from our phones and laptops at least an hour a day is something we can all do. Use your technology free time to read a book, go on an uninterrupted walk or simply enjoy life away from the screen.

Spring is around the corner, which means barbecues, beach days and outdoor fun. Shed your winter skin and jump into spring. These little actions will make yourself feel anew.

How do you feel fresh for spring? —Alex

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