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A True Measure of Self-Worth

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People seem to like to measure their self-worth by the numbers — a pair of size 2 pants, a six-minute mile or an extra zero on a paycheck. Unfortunately, thanks to the impermanent nature of life, these measures are unreliable.

What happens when our skinny jeans no longer fit, our mile gets slower and our company decides to downsize? Are we somehow less than we were the year before? If self-worth is gauged solely on physical accomplishments then be prepared to suffer a magnitude of ups and downs.

If we choose to ignore the numbers and put our energy into being a better person — one who is kind at heart and generous of spirit — our self-worth will remain intact when things don’t go our way. Basic kindness starts with the little stuff and builds. Smile at a stranger, hold open a door, lend a helping hand and listen for the umpteenth time. Once it has transpired, your good deed can never be undone

A simple gesture has more power than you would imagine; it has the ability to create happiness for all involved. When we connect with others through random acts of kindness we become less judgmental and cynical toward others, including ourselves.

If you must have a goal, make it your objective to be more kind tomorrow then you were today. Embody the qualities of the persona you desire. Make your humanity unconditional and don’t expect anything in return. Your reward will be a surplus of positive energy and confidence in yourself.

Forget about numbers, awards and titles. Become the world in which you would like to live and watch your self-worth soar.

Need a place to start? Try a Loving Kindness Meditation and send good will, kindness and warmth to all living beings. —Karen

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