5 Ways to Declutter to De-stress This Spring

As a busy shift-working mom of an infant and a soon to be four year old, I don’t have a lot of time to spend organizing. And, honestly, it stresses me out.

I remember once reading somewhere that a common trait of successful people is they tend to have smaller wardrobes. So I thought, maybe this is because they don’t spend a lot of time stressing about what to wear because a smaller wardrobe keeps it simple.

What does this have to do with my plan to declutter and de-stress? I think we can apply the same theory to our homes and lifestyles.

I have so many things in my house that I honestly don’t use or need.

Example: I have a breadmaker. I’ve had a breadmaker sitting in my pantry for probably three years now and I may have used it once. Yes, it is hard to get rid of some of these things, but how much simpler would life be without all of this stuff cluttering up our homes?

So, here are my tips to get organized and be less stressed this spring!

5 Ways to Declutter to De-stress This Spring

1. Donate clothes/toys/unwanted household items. I have had garage sales in the past and, frankly, they’re a lot of work for the amount of money they actually bring in. So this year I think I am just going to donate to those in need instead and forgo the stress of planning another garage sale.

2. Post rarely used electronics/more expensive items online. Posting items online is a great way to get rid of them and make some extra money. I also recommend taking someone with you and meeting in a public place. One of my favorite apps is Varage Sale.

3. Get down to the basics. This means going through the kitchen, bathrooms, closets, etc., and getting rid of the things you never use or rarely use. Do I really need 20 coffee cups? Or 10 bottles of lotion? Or eight sets of sheets? Only keep the items you need and get rid of anything extra. This goes back to the “small wardrobe theory.”

4. Eliminate clutter. I think there is some truth to the “less is more” theory. I have plenty of decorations/pictures throughout my home, but I think sometimes having too much stuff just adds stress and makes it more of a process to clean.

5. Build it into your schedule. I know our time is limited, so we have to make time even if means taking a day off from work or hiring a sitter so you can get it done. It’s not going to be easy, but in the end it will be worth it!

And if that all seems overwhelming, what’s one thing you can get rid of today? Leave it in a comment!Ashley

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  1. Erin says:

    I’ve got a reminder that pops up on my phone that reminds me to declutter SOMETHING. I get rid of just a little junk every day. My donation pile is constant!