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5 Ways to Make a Sucky Commute Better

Commuting to and from work can eat up a significant portion of your day. Drive time becomes even more cumbersome if travel is a vital and expected part of your daily routine. Finding ways to make the most out of your commute can make your day more rewarding. If your commute is dependent on public transit, you have even more ways to kill time. Here are a handful of healthy ways to reclaim your commute.

1. Listen to a Podcast

Finding a longstanding podcast is an excellent way to make your commute more enjoyable. Whether you want to listen to the news, catch up on the latest digital marketing strategies or be inspired, there’s likely a podcast for your niche interests. And if you’re wondering where to start … how about ours?! Get it here.

2. “Read” a Book

If you are driving, reading a book is not possible but an audio book certainly is. Dedicating time out of your day for a good book can easily be achieved during your morning and evening commute. Books stimulate the mind, expand vocabulary and provide valuable knowledge, all while entertaining. Begin and end your work day with an enjoyable mental exercise. Reading before work will get your brain moving for the day ahead.

3. Get Ahead

If your workday is packed, get a head start. Answering emails and setting your agenda is a great way to accomplish more. Entering the office with your game face on will keep you ahead of schedule. Know your work strategy before you enter the office and accomplish more in less time. This tactic just might push you out of the office before rush hour strikes.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Public transit or your car may sound like a strange place to practice mindfulness, but it may be the perfect place to meditate. Meditation can ease mental tension making it an ideal daily practice. Mindfulness teaches the importance of being present. Instead of focusing on bumper-to-bumper traffic or a crowded subway, revert into your own body. Focus on your breathing. Send good vibrations to the people around you. Making your commute a peaceful time for self reflection and good vibes will transform the burden of traffic.

5. Call a Friend

Catching up with friends and family is a great way to use your commute. Chances are your loved ones are also on their way to or from work. Give your sister a ring, ask her about her day. Call your best friend who lives across the country. Make sure you use Bluetooth so your eyes are on the road and your hands are on the wheel. Scheduling time for our loved ones is important in maintaining healthy relationships. It is one of the best ways to show we care. Your commute is a great time to reach out.

Americans spend an average of 293 hours — just over 12 full days — behind the wheel every year, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. For most of us, commuting is a part of daily life. Learning how to use our commutes effectively is a great way to carve out more time in the day. Changing our perspective of commuting from wasted time to free time can make our days begin and end much better.

How do you spend your commute? —Alex

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