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5 Ways to Treat Yourself Well During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is hard work. And I would know — I went well over 40 weeks. Whether you’re in your first, second or third trimester, you deserve some extra pampering as you’re growing a human baby IN YOUR BELLY. That is no small feat. And these fun ways to feel good from WavHello’s 20 Weeks to Bliss (be sure to sign up for their full content here) are awesome. They’ll benefit you and baby.

5 Ways to Treat Yourself Well During Pregnancy

1. Eat spinach. Spinach contains folic acid. During pregnancy, folic acid can help your unborn baby from developing birth defects such as cleft palate, spina bifida and cleft lip. Incorporate spinach in a sautéed mushroom spinach salad or strawberry almond spinach salad. Also, if you hate the taste of spinach, mask it in a banana, strawberry, orange and spinach smoothie.  Just add water and ice, and mix all ingredients in a blender.

2. Do some kneeling side reaches, 10 reps on each side. In a side-kneeling position, reach your top arm over your body and extend your top leg out and away from your body. On the start of your exhale, slowly round your spine, drawing your top elbow and knee toward each other (they do not have to touch: the goal is to round your back). Inhale to lengthen back out. Do 10 reps; then switch sides. (Credit: Erica Ziel, Knocked Up Fitness)

3. Write to your baby. Pull out your journal or notebook paper and jot down some notes, or write a letter. This is a beautiful practice that allows you to share your thoughts and feelings or hopes and dreams for your soon-to-be-newborn.

4. Do side angle pose. This pose supports you in waking up your body. Whether you have been sitting at a desk or you have had a sluggish day, move your body into this pose. Fully extend your top arm to feel that stretch from your fingers to your toes (Credit: Elyse Falzone, Awaken Your Soul)

5. Treat yourself with a beauty mask. Try a homemade beauty mask to tighten pores and leave your face rejuvenated. Use 1 cup of plain organic yogurt. Add 1 tablespoon of orange juice with pulp and 1 teaspoon of aloe.

What other ways do you/did you pamper yourself when pregnant? I pretty much asked for footrubs every night from my husband and it was awesome. —Jenn

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  2. During the time of pregnancy, the pregnant mother should take plenty of water.Phyical exercise is essential during pregnancy period.

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