A Genius Way to Keep Sweat Off Your Car Seat Post Workout

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True (gross) story: For weeks my car smelled bad. Like, bad enough that I didn’t want anyone else in it because it smelled like something died in it. Like a pair of gym socks from 1994. It was disgusting. My husband and I searched high and low for the culprit, expecting to find a moldy french fry or aforementioned pair of gym socks from 1994. But, no dice. After a few months of avoiding driving, we realized that it flared up when we left the gym. Especially when it was hot out.

Duh. It was our sweat.

Our days-old sweat just heating up and being gross. So, gross.

(Aren’t you glad you decided to read this post today?)

After much cleaning and products like this, we got the smell out. And started taking a change of clothes to the gym with us on hot days to prevent the smell from ever coming back. Sure, it created more laundry, and it was kind of a pain, but it worked.

And then, this came along!

It’s a cover. For your car seat! And the Seat Hoody is kind of brilliant. A totally simple idea, but it works. You simply throw over your seats (see where it gets the “hoody” in its name by going over the headrests?), fold or snap it in place (for airbag compatibility) and you’re good to go,  no matter how wet (beach!) or sweaty (hot yoga!) or gross (backpacking!) you are. The covers are machine washable and fit all vehicle seats.

The back of the Seat Hoody is made with a silicone backing to help it stay in place. I did have a little slippage from time to time with it, but it still stayed on way better than a towel you’d just throw over the seat. And the material is an absorbent poly-blend fabric — way better than cotton. It also comes in lots of fun colors and patterns. At $48, it is a bit of an investment, but if you can’t deal with car stank any longer — or simply don’t want it to begin with (I’d recommend that) — the Seat Hoody is a good investment.

Plus, the name is really cute, right?!

Ever had the car stink, stank, stunk? Tell me about it to make me feel better, please.Jenn

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  1. This is a great seat cover. I am going to buy one for my car. I have always tried to find a solution for it. Finally got one.
    Thank you