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An Easy Way to Start a Garden With Your Kids

It’s pretty much a universal truth that all kids like to get dirty and play in the mud. And, when you get right down to it, isn’t that what gardening is? (I think Peppa Pig would agree.)


I’ve always enjoyed having a garden, but — honestly — my garden is always pretty half-assed. And I don’t exactly know what I’m doing. I usually plant too late in the season (better late than never?), over- or under-water and don’t weed nearly enough. Despite all of this, I still delight in what my half-assed attempts usually result in: grape tomatoes, kale, cucumber, zucchini and various herbs. Can you imagine if I actually got my gardening ish together and did it for real?!


Okay, fine. It’s late April and I still haven’t planted a full garden. (We’re wanting to do a raised bed and need to till and add dirt and need to borrow a truck and yadda yadda.) BUT, Gwen and I have been playing around with the Seeding Square ($19.95), which FBM was sent, and it’s hella cool.

For kids or adults like me who need some extra education on proper gardening, it really does make planting fruits and veggies from seeds super duper simple. No matter what you’re planting, it tells you how far to keep your seeds apart and then how deep to plant them. It’s basically paint- (or plant-) by-number for your garden. And it’s genius.

The creator says that planting this way optimizes your spacing for the highest yield and the least possible amount of weeds. Which sounds amazing to me. And it seriously couldn’t be simpler to use.

Also, it totally looks like a puzzle … so toddlers LOVE IT. This is a tool that we’ve turned into a toy, inside and out. Is that what it’s designed for? Nope. But, bonus? You bet!

What’s growing in your garden? So far, my weeds are doing awesome, but the veggies are going to be on and popping soon! —Jenn

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