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Infertility Sucks: A Guide to Getting Through It

It’s Infertility Awareness Week, and fertility issues are something that we’ve discussed on Fit Bottomed Mamas quite a bit. I’ve struggled with it and almost all of our writers have been touched by it personally or by friends in one way or another. And the statistics on infertility rates support that — the CDC says that 15 percent of all couples in America are affected. It doesn’t discriminate based on race, religion, sexuality or economic status.

And, honestly, it sucks. There’s simply no way of getting around that.

BUT! We’ve found that because it affects so many, it also means that you’re never, ever alone in it. And the stuff you’re going through is felt by so many others. In honor of Infertility Awareness Week, we’ve put together a guide to our best resources for those going through it. From the basics to how to boost your fertility to tips to take care of you to learning about other’s journeys, consider it your guide to getting through it. We got you.

The Basics

What you need to know about getting pregnant

The 411 on PCOS and endometerosis

The stuff no one tells you about infertility

What not to say to someone dealing with fertility issues

Understanding male infertility

Our fave blogs and resources

How to Boost Your Fertility

A yummy smoothie to try

High-tech fertility tracking

Fertility myths and misconceptions

Herbs, acupuncture and energy work

Fertility superfoods

Self-Care Tips

3 fertility tips you haven’t heard over and over again

How to get through the holidays

When it’s time to take a break

Making the two-week wait better

Others’ Stories (Because You’re Not Alone!)

The private struggle

A book that gets real about infertility, IVF and womanhood

All of those damn appointments

Kelsey’s story

An ectopic pregnancy story that might save your life

Finding beauty in the journey

What other sites and articles have helped you on your journey? Leave them in the comments! —Jenn

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