A Meditation for Finding Your Purpose

Did you guys read this interview with SoulCycle instructor Stacey Griffith? It was so fascinating and inspiring and true. It resonated so deeply with us that when we got the chance to read her book — Two Turns From Zero — we asked to run an excerpt from it. It’s just something we had to share!

So, if you’re having a time in your life when everything just feels … fuzzy or off, try this. It works for Stacey and her clients … and it’s simply a beautiful meditation.

A Meditation for Finding Your Purpose

This is a wonderful meditation when you feel the need for guidance.

1. Sit in a comfortable room, in a cozy position, and take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and raise your hands up toward the sky gently, with palms and heart open.

2. Ask the universe for some guidance here while your hands are up, and if you do this right now, I know — and the universe knows — you’re serious about it. Open up to opportunity. Stay open to change; stay open to trust.

3. Concentrate on what you’re asking for. You may have a very precise idea in your mind of what you want, or you may feel conflicted. It’s important that you state to yourself what it is you want to happen. You can whisper it out loud. Keep your breathing steady.

4. Know deep in your heart that you’ll get there. You’ll get there because you’re not going to stop until you do. There’s no giving up anymore. Not only do you have a “can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude, you are not going to stop making and scoring goals for the rest of your life.

5. This is what ultimate vulnerability is… Thinking like this is ultimate openness. This is you trusting whatever is out there that we don’t understand. You cannot possibly comprehend all of it; there’s too much. You have to rely on that possibility that the space between what is and what isn’t may have just what you need to get you where you need to go. Have the faith that there is something bigger than you that is going to help you through and give you the help you need. Believe that there is something bigger than you that will protect you to make sure that you get through it. Trust me. It’s there for you. For some it’s God, Buddha, Jesus, Ganesh, Hanuman, or simply light. Whatever you do … believe in something.

6. Bring your arms back down and hold your hands together in your lap. Take a few more deep breaths.

7. Close the meditation out by seeing what you initially began with coming to fruition. See the entire scenario. See the smiles on the faces of everyone involved. The more you focus on this, the closer it will come to being your reality, especially if this is meant to be. Obviously, time, circumstances, and fate play a role here, but the key factor in these meditations is being honest about what you want the outcome to be. Let the universe take care of the rest. I truly believe that, because this meditation has worked for me on many occasions. Stacey Griffith

From Two Turns From Zero by Stacey Griffith. Copyright © 2017 by Stacey Griffith. Reprinted by permission of William Morrow Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

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