A Surprising Supplement Source

When I was a kid, my mom laid my vitamins out for me every single morning — the big, tart, orange vitamin C chewables and a multivitamin on a square of paper towel awaited me each morning when I woke up. It was a non-negotiable, and so I never gave it a second thought.

(Okay, okay, you’re right. Probably Karen Walker was not downing Vitamin C. But you get the idea.)
Then I got older, and didn’t live at home, and nobody laid out vitamins for me, and so I got completely out of the habit. As I’ve continued to grow up and pay more attention to my nutrition, though, I’ve made a point to keep an eye on what I need and different ways to get them (because I seriously hate swallowing giant horse pills — who else is with me there? GAG).

(Thanks, Captain Jack Sparrow. I knew I could count on you to feel my pain.)
Now, Jenn hipped me to the Sundown Naturals gummies a while ago, and yep, they. are. AWESOME. Delicious, easy to eat, full of goodness — that’s a solid choice. Or a chewy one. Whatever — you get the idea.
But that’s not the only tasty option out there if you’re looking to up your Omega-3s (and you probably should be!). The folks at Coromega reached out to me earlier this year to see if I’d be interested in trying their Coromega MAX Super High Omega-3 Fish Oil ($39.99 for 60 squeeze packs). These aren’t pills or even gummies, but packets that you squeeze into your mouth. And they’re so good, I actually look forward to having two of them in the morning.
First off, there are no fish burps. Zero. And I am really sensitive to fishy flavors, so when I say that all I get is the creamy, orange-y coconutty flavor (kinda like a dreamsicle), believe it. The formula is absorbed 300 percent more effectively than fish oil softgels (which is why I only squeeze two a day rather than taking, like, a handful of pills each morning), and they use wild-caught, deep water fish.
So, bottom line? If you skimp on supplements because you don’t love taking big pills or you’re concerned about the aftertaste, you should know that, hey! We live in the future — and we have options. Yummy ones!
How diligent are you about your daily vitamins and supplements? —Kristen

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