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5 Ways to Make Motherhood More Enjoyable

“Motherhood is not for the weak.”

How many of my fellow moms would agree? Raising little humans is a difficult and exhausting task, but the best one that has ever been entrusted to me. It’s the responsibility I would take on over and over again in any lifetime without thinking twice. Yes, I would take on cleaning up as much poop as I have to in order to receive the sweet and innocent love my children give me.

However, this isn’t to say that there aren’t times when I want to momentarily give up and have my children just figure themselves out — I usually feel this way amidst a meltdown — and then there are the times when I do give up. I share this because I don’t want to make it sound like I’m perfect. I’m human, too. I only write like I know what I’m doing, but in reality, I’m right there with you on this crazy journey called motherhood, simply trying my best to make it work.

With all the difficulties that come with motherhood, there have to be ways that help make the journey even a tad bit easier, right? Right! I have discovered a few ways that have made motherhood more enjoyable. My intention in sharing them is to remind my fellow moms that we don’t have to do it all to be superwomen because we naturally already are.

Accepting the following has helped me enjoy being the mother of two a little bit more.

1. I will not and cannot get to all of the ideas on Pinterest. I’m going to be honest and I might just burst your bubble, no human mother ever will. I have come to understand that I am not a failure for not making my children a salt dough hand print keepsake or a half dozen different sensory bags. I have come to accept that my children won’t be disappointed if I don’t use Pinterest at all.

2. I will not get to document everything. It’s quite impossible to document everything about my children. Their weight, height, likes and dislikes at every month or even year of their lives would be cute to have documented, but in understanding that it won’t be entirely relevant to their futures makes me feel less guilty about not having it written down. Accepting this has helped me enjoy my children in the moment more.

3. I will not be able to avoid every illness or accident. Let me restate, “Motherhood is not for the weak.” This statement exists for a reason. Accepting that illnesses and accidents are a part of life has helped me feel more like an adequate mom and less like everything is my fault. This has helped me understand that it is impossible and unfair to have my children live in bubble wrap. My children will fall and get hurt, but in doing so, they will also learn to get back up and move forward.

4. It is acceptable and completely normal to be annoyed with my children. Feeling annoyed with my children doesn’t make me a bad mom, it simply reminds me that I am human and that I have emotions and limits. Feeling annoyed is a good reminder that I need space to take care of myself.

5. My children will not always do what I asked them to do. Actually, they rarely will the first time I ask them. Understanding that this is normal and healthy helps me deal with it more calmly and joyfully. It reminds me that I am raising independent thinkers who will one day be ready to challenge the world with confidence.

I hope that in sharing what I’ve come to accept in my lifetime as a mother will aid your journey, too.

What are things you’ve accepted that have helped you enjoy being a mother? —Jasmin

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