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Where’d My Small Bite Sweets Go?

I recently had a great discussion with Jenn and Margo about foods we really struggle with having in the house because we just can’t stay away (you can catch it on our upcoming Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast ep with Dave Smith, which will be live on Monday!), and in it, I admit that, while it’s hard for me to leave a nice chunk of cheddar in the cheese drawer, it’s not unusual for me to have a bar of dark chocolate sitting around for a couple of months, and more than one cake has gone bad on my watch.
But not long ago, Sugar Bowl Bakery (whose products are sold at retailers nationwide, including Costco, Lucky supermarkets, Safeway and more) sent over some small bite sweets. I sampled both their Madeleines and their Petite Brownie Bites and guys? Those did not last long.

Petite Brownie Bites

brownie bites
Let me be clear — I only take a part of the blame. My husband has a serious chocolate affinity, so I was pretty sure he’d get into the Brownie Bites right away. And once he learned they were just 100 calories? There was no stopping him. (I did get a few, and they were amazing, both right out of the container and heated up with some ice cream.)
But a truer test came from a friend who stayed at our house while we were out of town to watch the animals. I came home to a note saying that she’d only meant to eat one, and then just one more, but before she knew it, she’d snacked on enough that it was obvious and she felt like she needed to ‘fess up. (Of course, hey, you watch my animals, you can have basically anything you want in my kitchen, so no ‘fessing up was actually needed. But still, I loved that she enjoyed them so much!)


Oh boy. You want to find a sweet treat to tempt someone without a serious sweet tooth? This is it. These petite French cake cookies are baked to be firm with just a little bit of delicate crunch, and there’s a little sweetness, but not a ton. I have really never been someone who craves a cookie or something sweet with my coffee, but with these around … well, let’s just say my morning ritual got a bit of an update for a week or so. A delicious update.
What’s your sweet tooth look like? Are you more likely to crave chocolate or something a little less sweet? Or both? —Kristen

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