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3 Ways to Do More With Massage Envy

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I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to booking a massage. I totally understand that a relaxing, feel-good massage has real benefits — but to be honest, if I’m spending my time and money on a massage therapy treatment, I’m generally going to wait until I’m pretty much broken so I can go in and have someone fix me. So, in the past, I’ve always gone to massage therapists affiliated with a physical therapist, or someone known for working on athletes. I want deep tissue and trigger point work!

That’s why, despite the fact that there’s a Massage Envy 10 minutes from my house, I’ve never booked an appointment or looked into a membership. I assumed they were inexpensive, fluffy massages in a strip mall — and that wasn’t for me.

And I’m not the only one who long held that impression, as it turns out.

do more with massage envy

Over the last couple of years, the brand has been working on its image so that people realize they do a lot more than a light massage. They offer loads of services, all with the purpose of helping their clients #DoMore, whether that means killing that 5k, playing with their kids, or just feeling more confident and relaxed.

We’re really proud to partner with them to share this #DoMore message — especially after spending a day with Massage Envy and a handful of other lifestyle/wellness bloggers in Scottsdale for an influencer summit last week, where I had a chance to learn all about what they really offer … and what’s coming down the pipeline.

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Massage Envy

massage envy

They do more than massage, but also? They do massage really well. Shortly after I arrived in Scottsdale, I headed over to one of the newly renovated Massage Envy locations for a massage. I had no idea what to expect, because although we’d talked to the brand about some of the other services they offered (and don’t worry, I’ll fill you in on that in a sec), we hadn’t really discussed too much about the actual massages. As soon as I walked in, I was handed an iPad and was instructed to fill out a few pages indicating the areas that I wanted worked on, areas I wanted them to avoid, as well as details about my lifestyle to give them a feel for what they were working with. I met with someone prior to my massage to select my aromatherapy scent (which is an add-on, but if you’re into that, it’s super worth it) and talk more about exactly what I wanted to get out of the massage, and then, once I met my massage therapist, she asked me a few more questions. By the time I stripped down and got under a sheet, I was confident we were on the same page.

But until my massage therapist actually got started, I didn’t know how the massage itself would stack up to what I was used to, and I’m really, really happy to report that it. was. EXCELLENT. Firm, thorough, with good opportunities for communication. Plus, I got a “report card” afterward with recommendations, both for what they’d suggest I do at Massage Envy going forward and things I should consider doing at home.

chemical peel

My first chemical peel! And it wasn’t scary. Honest.

Massage Envy is the nation’s leading skincare provider. Did you know this? Because I was shocked — shocked! They offer a variety of facials (including a treatment for your back, because backne is real, y’all) as well as microderm infusion (different than microderm abrasion, not only because it’s spelled differently) and several types of chemical peels. And if the words “chemical peel” leave you with visions of Samantha’s raw face on Sex and the City (which is exactly what I pictured at first), think again — I had one done while in Scottsdale, and, short of using some extra sunscreen and wearing a hat when I went outdoors for a few days, the only side effects I experienced was some dryness and flaky skin in a couple of spots. I was sent home with a variety of skincare products (which is always the case for a first-time chemical peel client) to make sure I was getting the most out of my treatment, and I think that’s been really helpful in keeping my face happy.

total body stretch

In which we discover that my hips are quite bendy, but my hamstrings … are a different story.

They can stretch you out. Ever done an assisted stretch session? ME is rolling out a new service called Total Body Stretch, and it’ll be nationwide by mid-May — I am SO EXCITED about it. (All the other influencers at this summit were in agreement, too.) I got to check out a 30-minute session (they’ll also offer 60-minute ones), and I kid you not, I would pick that over a massage at least 50 percent of the time because I found it to be so beneficial.

stretch poster

The goal is for each stretch feel like it’s around a 6 or 7 out of 10 in terms of range of motion — which means that there’s constant communication between the massage therapist and client. This kind of session helps you stretch in ways you couldn’t possibly manage without help. One of the coolest things about this service is that, although it’s along the lines of what you might expect working well for an elite athlete (and you wouldn’t be wrong), I think it would be equally beneficial for people who spend all day on a computer.

We’ll be sharing more about our experiences with Massage Envy as we continue to partner with them over the coming months, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s like we’re in on this awesome secret — and we get to share it with all of you!

In the meantime, we want to know what self-care looks like for you. Where do you go? What do you do? What types of services are most important to you? —Kristen

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  1. Lisa says:

    I haven’t been to a Massage Envy, but someone just recommended one of their facials – said it was exceptional.

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    Thanks for sharing it contains a lot of information which is very helpful for us i like this blog.

  3. It’s true that massage also provides skincare benefits. Massage includes a variety of facials including a treatment for your back. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing such an interesting information.

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    Massage is the superb ways to keep body relaxing and energized all day. it’s also the great way to relax from workout body breakdown.
    Those who have to do massive hard work all day, it’s the best way to relax the body.

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    Wow, I did not know the Massage Envy Spa is so good like this. I will arrange to visit it one time. Thanks for sharing!

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