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6 Superfood-Packed Smoothies to Brighten Up Your Day

Smoothies are one of the easiest and healthiest options for a quick snack or nutritious breakfast. Just combine and blend! Not only are they delicious, but these six smoothies from our friends at Further Food are packed with lots of superfoods to keep you healthy on the go. Try one! Savor it, while giving your body lots of superfood and super good ingredients.
pitaya smoothie

Power Protein Pitaya Smoothie

Check out this stunning pitaya smoothie! Just blend 5 ingredients, and you have an irresistible snack that is loaded with phytonutrients, Vitamins C and B. The added collagen gives you extra protein and lots of other benefits, including softer skin, and stronger bones and joints. Have this for breakfast, snack or anytime you want a luscious and beautiful drink that makes you feel good inside and out.
protein smoothie

Protein Packed Breakfast Smoothie

Looking for a high-protein, low-sugar smoothie to start your day? This protein packed smoothie is the way to go! Not only will you get lots of protein from the almond butter and protein powder, you get a good dose of nutrients from the berries and spinach. Add chia seeds, and you will get an extra omega-3 boost! So much goodness all in one drink!
nutella smoothie

Nutella Collagen Protein Smoothie

Who doesn’t love Nutella? Now you can have a smoothie that tastes just like the chocolate hazelnut spread we all adore, but with lots of added health benefits. The roasted hazelnuts and cacao provide antioxidants and Vitamin E. Plus the banana and dates give this flavorful smoothie bowl natural sweetness with no added sugar! The added collagen boost provides extra protein to keep you full longer. You will want to make this Nutella Smoothie over and over again!
apple peanut butter smoothie

Apple and Peanut Butter Smoothie

Apples and peanut butter are such a great and healthy snack. Why not put this delicious combo in a blender and make it into a breakfast smoothie? And add in some superfood flaxseeds to help reduce your risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. It’s creamy, sweet and a quick breakfast option. A fun take on a classic.
peach and avocado smoothie

Tropical Peach and Avocado Smoothie

Who knew peaches and avocado worked so well together? You’ll love this tropical combo that’s both creamy and rich and good for you at the same time! Peaches give you lots of vitamins A, C and fiber. And superfood avocado gives you heart healthy fats, potassium and fiber. Top it with nutrient dense sesame seeds, and you’ve got yourself a filling, nutritious smoothie!
raw vegan smoothie

Raw Superfood Smoothie

Bananas are a healthy, filling snack that form the base of this superfood, super delicious smoothie. You get fiber, potassium, folate, plus lots of vitamin C! Adding in maca is a tasty way to boost your immune system and increase energy. Top it with cacao nibs and molasses, and you’ve got a superfood smoothie that everyone will love!
What’s your favorite superfood to throw into a smoothie? —Further Food

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  1. These look tasty!
    I start each day with a kale and spinach smoothie. I used to have to force myself to drink it instead of a bagel or something similar, but after a few weeks I couldn’t imagine not having it. Smoothies are such a handy way of getting lots of nutrients quickly – they also give me loads of energy.

  2. Michael T says:

    That peach and avocado smoothie is something I need to try. I normally have avocado with an egg, some protein powder and spinach.

  3. Daniel says:

    Just bought a new smoothie maker ans was looking for some different recipes to the norm. The apple and peanut butter smoothie is on the to try list 🙂

  4. Darren says:

    Amazing – just tried the peach and avocado one – though it would be weird but was actually delicous

  5. Awesome post. This post is very helpful for me. It has Lots of information in 6 Superfood-Packed Smoothies to Brighten Up Your Day. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Chelsea says:

    I tried the Tropical Peach and Avocado Smoothie and it’s changed my life!! Thank you!!

  7. Katya Nick says:

    I usually start my day with 2 slices, a fried egg and energetic cup of tea. Now I will try to take smoothly too. Thanks for the wonderful information.

  8. Can you suggest a Smoothie enrich of Vitamin D and Omega 3, I will really appreciate your reply.

    1. Jenn says:

      I usually add Carlson’s Vitamin D drops + Barleans Fish Oil to my smoothies for a boost! 🙂


  9. Would share a smoothie recipe for glowing skin and anti-acne.

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