Monday Giveaway: Your Very Own StandDesk!

It is the first giveaway of our birthday week, and, guys, we are starting out with a bang. A STANDING bang.

Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense — but this product does, and you can win it!

The StandDesk will change YOUR LIFE. It’s changed how we work, and it’s improved our health. And you can win one for your home or office (and be the healthy envy of all your coworkers)!

About StandDesk

Your first step towards health isn’t a step at all — it’s a stand. StandDesk creates workplace and home office solutions that revolutionize your work and wellness — prioritizing your happiness and an active lifestyle. These products support physical engagement, help alleviate and prevent joint and muscle pain, and keep energy high and maintained throughout the day. For the Fit Bottomed Girls community, StandDesk will give away the best-selling desktop and frame configuration of the winner’s choice, based off supplies available here.

How to Win It

Because the best things in life are shared, we want you to share this giveaway post with someone you care about! Tell them in person, the post, Facebook, Twitter, Snap, text … we don’t care how, just let them know that they should enter, too, and then leave a comment with who you told. We’ll randomly select a U.S. reader to win in about a week and notify him/her in the comments and via email. Good luck, all!

Be sure to check here for more giveaways every day this week! —Jenn


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  1. Holy Fu… I mean holy cow!! Would I love to win one of these babies!

    The dilemma: should I just tell one person to be technically in compliance, or should I use the tremendous poser of my Social Media Empire to tweet, FB, and blog far and wide so everyone gets a chance?

    Hmm, but wait… my Social Media Empire is pretty much only in my imagination. And if lots of other people enter there’s less chance for me to score!


    So I just emailed my sister who would love it too and I’m hoping she forgets to enter. Mother Theresa I ain’t. 🙂

  2. Shared on FaceBook with co-workers and friends. I work from home 3-4 months/year and would LOVE to replace the stack of things I use to hold my laptop at standing height with a real desk!

  3. I told a friend Sarah who, like me, is frustrated to spend so much time sitting at a desk during the week!

  4. Shared your site and this post with my coworkers-we all want them but our work won’t pay for them!

  5. I shared on Facebook (but I secretly hope that no one sees it because I really want to win it for myself! 🙂

  6. Told my mom – she works tirelessly and I know she would really enjoy the option of a standing desk.

  7. Just informed 2 of my coworkers of this awesome giveaway. It would be a very nice and useful win in my office. Chronic back pain and carpel tunnel issues would definitely benefit from this prize. Thank you

  8. I have told 3 of my coworkers to enter for this stand desk. It would be great to have at work!!

  9. I told 4 of my workout buddies through Facebook who would also love to have a stand up desk!!! I think they are awesome!!!

  10. Just shared this with my husband via text. We just saw one of these at the furniture store the other day. I work from home and alternate between my desk and the kitchen counter so that I’m not constantly sitting. This would be a great addition to our study!!

  11. I told my boss because I work for tiny nonprofit who doesn’t have the $$ to buy me the standing desk I need!

  12. I told my boss, Stephanie, that we have to win one and buy one for her, too! We need this – we have to set an alarm to remind us to get up to move around every hour : )

  13. I told my husband Ryan about! He works from home and is PINEing for one! 🙂

  14. My wife! She and I are building a new home and I work from home full time and own 2 small businesses. Software company I work for has electric stand/sit desks at their HQ and I have been hooked since. Planning on purchasing 1 in next month anyways.

  15. I told my husband. I’ve been wanting a standing desk for so long, but we haven’t be able to afford one. I really hope I can win – I sit 10-12 hours a day at my job. Working out before work isn’t enough to feel loose and energized!

  16. I told my husband about the StandDesk giveaway! He works from home and I think this would be a wonderful addition to our home to help him succeed in his career. No more cramped legs or back aches from sitting all day!

  17. I told my friends on FB and twitter. I work 9hr days on a computer and winning this would be a life saver!

  18. I told my friends via text and my mom in person! My husband and I just bought our first home and this desk would be perfect for my at home office that I use everyday!
    Fingers crossed!

  19. I told my mother! I am getting rid of my old desk and this would be a great replacement.

  20. Oh wow, how awesome! I love that y’all are sharing the benefits of standing on your health and productivity, it really is a big deal. I just called my sister to tell her about the Stand Desk giveaway and also talk about how much prettier this would be in the office compared to the stack of books we both currently rest our laptops on 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. I can’t believe you’re giving this away. What a great prize! I’ve been curious about these, but have been afraid to give it a try. I’m sharing with my followers on Twitter as well as on my blog. Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. I told my brother about it. He works from home and would love a Stand Desk (and so would I!).

  23. I shared this with my brother who works from home but could use more healthy activity in his life!

  24. This is amazing!! I told my friend Rachel to come on over and enter! I know she will! 😉

  25. I told my Mom since I know she’d let me use it! My sister and I would probably fight over it, so best not to tell her, lol. It would be an awesome prize whoever won though. Very cool!

  26. I told my sister! We both need standing desks as we sit all day at work. Id love to have this at work!

  27. I told my mom about this giveaway, and if I won, I would gift this standing desk to her. As a women in the tech industry, she is often sitting for 6-8 hours at work (if not longer!) and she has wanted one of these desks for a long time. She has made a huge shift in her healthcare the past couple of years and I want to help her foster that as much as possible.

    Good luck to you all!!!!

  28. So cool! I told my husband… he works from home as a web developer (and therefore is always just sitting, sitting, sitting at his desk all day and night). He would love a desk like this!

  29. I told my friend Catherine, who is constantly complaining about how much times she spends working while sitting down and the negative effects.

  30. I told my colleague at work who is currently using a regular table with books propped on top as her standing desk 🙂 I think she is going to enter too!

  31. I shared on twitter (@mclanek). A stand up desk would have come in recent work project that required standing. The worktable being used was just a few inches shy of being comfortable to stand tall without slouching. It was not very comfortable!

  32. I told my daughter about this desk. She has only her kitchen table for working on her computer.

  33. Lucky comment number 7 wins it! Congrats, Laura! Emailing you now. And a huge thanks to all who entered this amazing giveaway!

    —FBG Jenn