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Podcast Episode 29: Movement Expert Katy Bowman

Are you ready to rock your very idea of how to really get the most out of movement everyday?

Katy Bowman is our special guest in this podcast episode and the author of several books on the importance of proper alignment and movement (including the book that just launched today, Move Your DNA, and the recent Movement Matters). 

Today, she schools us about the importance of getting as much activity during everyday chores — in addition to (or even instead of) traditional exercise. And, guys, it’s fascinating.

How committed is she to decreasing the time spent sitting around (like most of us do) in the evening?

The woman got rid of her couch to make it more uncomfortable to watch TV and increase her chances of stretching and squatting throughout the day. (Very hard to Netflix and chill under those conditions, folks!)  

In this episode Katy tells us how she tries to improve her movement ecology (which is such an interesting topic in and of itself), sharing tips and tricks we can all do. Seriously, if you’re looking for ways to maximize your body movement and overcome a sedentary lifestyle, check out the plethora of advice in this episode.

Here’s a couple of our favorite quotes from Katy Bowman in this ep …  

Podcast Episode 28 Highlights With Katy Bowman

  • Tips for sneaking in as much movement as possible when you have a sit-down office job
  • The importance of being fidgety (even though we were trained not to be as children)
  • Why our society switched from standing jobs to working in chairs 
  • How the former gym rat transitioned from being an exerciser to a non-stop mover
  • The incredible number of squats she gets in each day
  • The one key item they went without after having kids (it blew our minds!)
  • How eliminating common conveniences naturally produces more abundant movement
  • How food and movement are organically intertwined
  • Ways to help “goldeners” (not seniors) increase their movement and improve their stability

Also in this episode, Jenn, Kristen and I discuss how we each try to incorporate as much movement into our days as we can — while collectively failing to come anywhere close to what Katy and her family do!

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What are your favorite ways to incorporate more movement into your daily life outside of the gym? —Margo

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