Thursday Giveaway: Case of Fawen Drinkable Soup for 3 Lucky Readers

It’s a new day … and a new giveaway for our birthday week! Just to recap what we’ve had thus far (because, OMG, it’s good and only getting even more awesome) …

And today you can get in on one of the hottest healthy eating trends of the year: drinkable and delicious soup from Fawen!

Photo: Courtesy of Fawen

In fact, Fawen is giving away a case in the flavor of your choice to three lucky U.S. readers! First time hearing about Fawen and this delicious new trend? Fawen is soup reinvented: chilled and drinkable on the go, perfect as a power-snack anytime and anywhere (at work, picnic, post-workout). Great nutritionally, it has 16 vitamins and minerals from vegan superfoods and 85 percent less sugar than veggie and fruit smoothies.

Fawen is great way to keep you happy and nourished in spring and summer. Say hello to your new everyday snack!

Courtesy of The Good Festival

How to Enter to Win

For this one, all we want to know is why you want to win this. So leave us a comment with why you want a case of Fawen, and we’ll randomly select a U.S. reader to win in about a week and notify him/her in the comments and via email. Sound delicious? We thought so!

Want a bonus entry? See what flavor you’ll pick if you win and then leave a second comment with your answer! —Jenn

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  1. I’m starting a new diet/lifestyle by going keto. I’ve never dieted in my life so I’m trying to take it slow and make small changes. Winning this would most definitely help me on my journey.

  2. I want to win because the Fawen soups seem like a convenient meal option that would fit my vegan diet.

  3. These would be great for the days it is so hard to get away from work and take a lunch! I would love to try the sweet potato and red lentil!

  4. I would love to try the sweet potato lentil soup. I am looking for perfect carry and go snack for when I’m at work and can’t make it to the salad bar before closing. Great idea. Thank you for the opportunity to try.

  5. I just had back surgery in Jan. and I have put on weight as I have been unable to exercise as usual. This would be a good way to try to get back into healthy eating habits.

  6. I have never tried these before and I am always looking for healthy quick alternatives for on the move!

  7. What a great idea for a meal on the go! Healthy and not loaded with extra calories, my kind of lunch.

  8. Oh boy! I’ve never even heard of Fawen, and i really want to try it. I hope it works itself into my new fit and healthy lifestyle😁

  9. I have been really focused on healthy eating and I would love to try a product that helps me with this goal!

  10. I would pick the Beet & Cabbage soup…I love beets and they’re great in soup!

  11. I would like to win a case because I am always on the look out for quick, healthy and convenient snacks and meals and would love to try Fawen. Thanks!

  12. I’m always looking for a nice refreshing way to get a boost during the hot summer months, and these soups sound like they would be a nice light alternative to many of the options out there. Nobody wants to feel like their snack is weighing them down when it’s 110ºF outside. 🙂

  13. I would love to try either the Sweet Potato and Red Lentil or the Broccoli Cauliflower. My husband might ban me from the house if I show up with beet – he’s scarred from borscht during childhood.

  14. Over the weekend it was found that I have a non-cancerous brain tumor that has to be surgically removed sooner than later. This drinkable soup would be great to have after my surgery because I will not be able to chew for a little while due to the muscles that will be cut for the surgery assist in chewing. It will also be a wonderful snack or meal for me during recovery!!

  15. It would be hard to pick one flavor because all of them sound delicious but I would have to day Beet and Red Lentil sounds the most tantalizing!!

  16. I am constantly looking for easy and healthy food options. As a busy working mom, sometimes food prep doesn’t happen like it should. Fawen looks enticing because it’s a quick and easy way to have a healthy snack.

  17. I would love to try these! I haven’t had a chance yet and would be perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle!

  18. Difficult decision – they all sound delish! The thing that appeals to me is they could be sipped cold. I live in Florida, and this is so not “hot” soup season. But if I had to choose one…the potato and lentil would be my choice.

  19. I love soup and when I’m super busy, it’s so convenient to drink from a container like this (when you only have one hand to eat on the go!) It’s more filling than a dry nutrition bar too plus it’s easy on my TMJ since I don’t have to chew!

  20. The Sweet Potato & Red Lentil with Cinnamon flavor sounds perfect. I don’t eat sweet potatoes enough and just love them, especially with yummy cinnamon.

  21. I’ve been trying to make healthier decisions so that I can lose weight. I love the concept of drinkable soup. It’s easy and convenient. It also sounds pretty yummy.

  22. I want to win because it sounds like a healthy choice that I can also take with me on the go for after the gym, etc.

  23. Seems you had a great time last weekend. it’s important to get refreshed after a while by having great fun with friends and family. Going to a party or get together with friends is one of the best ideas in this. But don’t forget your health in all this. Stay is touch with the healthy eating habits all the time.

  24. I want to win this for the times when I’m on the run but want sonething nutritious!

  25. My partner and I have finally committed to a healthier lifestyle and we need all the help we can get! Would love to try these soups.

  26. I’ve started a rigorous work out program for the first time in my life. Winning these would give me a powerhouse post workout meal.

  27. I just LOVE broccoli AND cauliflower ! I think that would be my fav ! And post workout, its a perfect meal !

  28. Wow, an awesome way to stay in shape w/o lugging a cooler or packing a lunch. I’d lover this for a snack after a workout.

  29. I’m a Flexitarian and well in my family, I’m on my own, so these Fawen soups seem like a tasty and filling way to make meal swaps without having to a whole meal just for myself. 🙂

    The broccoli cauliflower sounds yummy!

  30. Here are our winners …

    Kayley — #4
    Wendy Dodd — #15
    Nel — #22

    Congrats! Emailing you guys now! 🙂

    —FBG Jenn