Your Ultimate Pre-Race Checklist

You’ve done your training. You’ve got your gear. You’ve visualized yourself kicking so much ass and feeling so great when you cross that finish line. You are ready to run your race!

So now what? What do you do with all that excited/nervous energy and how can you prepare for your best race ever? Follow this ultimate pre-race checklist from Fix, that’s what!

With a checklist for the day of the race, along with tips on what you should do in the week leading up to the race and what you should do during the race itself, it’s a must check out (and check off!) before your big day!

Source: Fix.com Blog

What race are you doing? We wanna hear all about it! —Jenn

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  1. Adrina says:

    These were super cool tips and easy to see visually. Not a runner but I will share it with my friends who run. 🙂

  2. Amy Koller says:

    What type of anti-chaffing stick do you recommend?

  3. Thank you ladies for sharing this great infographic–all the best race advice I’ve received condensed into one easy-to-read infographic. And perfect timing. My sister and I are in the final two weeks of training for the Utah Valley 10K. It’s my sister’s first 10K, her longest race to date. I have run this particular race once before and loved it. It’s a beautiful slightly downhill course and a well-run race. I highly recommend it. One piece of advice I might add is get plenty of sleep two nights before the race. For me, at least, my sleep is often fitful the night before with all the nervous energy. It helps to have a little extra in reserve. Thanks again for a great post. I have shared it on social media.

  4. shaun f says:

    Hey jenn how are you today? I stumbled on this excellent article from another site! I love this infographic and it has some awesome information, love it! I use to love running when I was 18 but in my 30’s now my knees don’t like it so much lol, anyway great article I will share for sure!

  5. jamia says:

    I love your article, i always keep my energy at the morning with some ritual like running in the park

  6. matty says:

    Awesome article! I especially like the part that says “eat carbs in small amounts” I tend to get weak after a workout but I don’t wan’t to load up on carbs to restore energy for obvious reasons. Can protein replenish energy as well?