Is Your Bra Toxic?

I often think about what I’m eating, where my supplements come from, what products are going on my skin and what I’m cleaning my home with. But when’s the last time you thought about your bra in any other way than comfort, fit or support (or maybe how pretty it is)?


I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER thought about. And this is a piece of clothing that I wear at least 12 hours a day, pretty much every day. One I pay good money for. So it’s kinda something I should pay attention to, right?


That’s why this Vibrant Bra got my attention. It’s wire-free, which, yay! Wire can be uncomfortable. But it’s also toxin-free.


Wait, huh? Bras have toxins?


I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was. I’d never even given my bra a second thought unless it was chafing me or my boobs weren’t being properly corralled.


But, now, it’s like a whole new bra world has opened up.


Now, a quick search on the interwebs shows that there’s plenty of articles out there about bras and chemicals and toxins, but there’s not a lot of scientific study that’s been published. And I like science. But the idea of a bra that’s comfy, wire-free and doesn’t put toxins on my lady parts sounds pretty nice. And after wearing the Vibrant Bra, I did find the support (I’m usually a B/C cup) to be plenty and the fit/comfort to be great. (Although, caution if ordering: I found the cup sizing to be a bit too generous for what I’m used to, so be sure to use the size chart.) Which, again, is really what I’m looking for in a bra. One Vibrant Bra goes for $89, which isn’t cheap, but I’ve been known to shell out good money for a good bra.

So, what about you? Ever thought about what your bra is made of? Are you totally alarmed or totally like, OMG, there’s something else I have to worry about?! Let’s discuss! Jenn

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