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Thank Your Body

I don’t give my body enough respect.

I’ve ignored its subtle cues, pushed it when it asked for rest, and have berated its appearance when it didn’t measure up to some imagined standard. But for the most part, I simply take it for granted and assume that, much like a loyal hound waiting at the door, it will always be there when I need it.

But it just ain’t so.

As miraculous as these bodies of ours are, they are also fragile, and none of us is immune from injury or ailment.

These flesh and bone vessels afford us an immeasurable amount of freedom. On any given day most of us can take a meandering walk, scoop a laughing baby up into the air, race into the arms of a loved one or climb a mountain if we so desire.

But do we ever pause to say thanks? I know I don’t.

The funny thing is, I usually hold the workhorse type in high regard — and the human body is one hell of a multitasking overachiever — yet for some reason I fail to appreciate it. Hell, most of the stuff it does to keep us going — heart pumping, lungs breathing, nerves firing — it does without the asking.

Like I said, no respect.

Give your body the love and admiration it deserves. Listen to it, move it on a daily basis, feed it well, and enjoy each and every aspect of it.

Life can change in the blink of an eye.

Forget about how your body looks and show it some gratitude instead. Be mindful of all it does throughout the day, give it praise and thank it. And then thank it again.

Do you take your body for granted? —Karen

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