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21 Morning Rituals for an Awesome Day

How do you start each morning? Do you bound out of bed? Take your time waking up? Do you slow down and savor the morning? Get a head start on work? Or do you rush out of the house, wishing there were more hours in the day?

I get it. We’re all trying to cram more stuff into the day. So the idea of waking up a few minutes earlier to do more of anything sounds, like, GROAN, right? But hear me out! The right morning ritual can actually boost your productivity, give you energy and set your mind right for the day.

And in our overly plugged-in, over-scheduled, 24-hour news cycle days, it sounds pretty nice to put yourself and your happiness as a priority first thing, huh?

Here are 21 morning rituals for you to try. Find the one that speaks to you, do it for a few weeks and then let us know how it’s changed your day for the better!

21 Morning Rituals to Try for an Awesome Day

1. Get musical. Waking up to good tunes is nothing new, but Francheska Medina of Hey Fran Hey puts on a record (Miles Davis, Kind of Blue to be specific) to get her in a feel-good state — and it’s a genius idea. Whether it’s a playlist you’ve curated (lots of inspiration here!), vinyl or, heck, even you plucking away at some guitar strings (or whatever instrument you dig), music is such a powerful way to connect with yourself.

2. Read something inspirational or uplifting. So many of us read at night before bed to relax, but what if you read 5-10 minutes of something to better yourself each morning? Think of how much you could learn — or the new perspective you might have on the day to come?

3. Journal. I know that pen is heavy and your to-do list is long, but before you start thinking about all that you have to do, check in with yourself by answering some basic questions. How do I feel? How do I want to feel? What will I focus on today to feel that way? (And, yes, big inspiration from this on those questions!)

4. Get mindful with your morning cup. There’s slamming two cups of coffee and then there’s savoring them. Whether you’re drinking tea or coffee, slow down and really taste and enjoy them. Use this meditation as inspiration.

5. Meditate. Just five minutes of meditation a day can drastically change your outlook. And you don’t need anything fancy or special to do it. Try one of our many free meditations here. Or even a few meditative yoga poses.

6. Walk. This one is obviously weather dependent, but if you can get out and walk around the block, it can feel great first thing. If you want to make it a brisk walk; go for it. Otherwise, even a leisurely stroll outside can have benefits.

7. Three deep breaths. Here’s one that we can ALL fit in. Start your day, by standing tall, and taking in three deep breaths — with a 5-second inhalation, pause, and then a 10-second exhalation. All that oxygen is energizing, huh?

8. Tend to some plants. Whether it’s outdoor or indoors, get some plants and check in with them every day — watering, or simply just talking to them and saying “hey.” It’s fun to watch stuff grow and reminds you just how freakin’ amazing nature is.

9. Pick a mantra for the day. On a weekend or evening when you have more time, put together a list of mantras/sayings/quotes that inspire you. Then put them in a hat or shoebox. Each morning, pull one out, read it and reflect on it.

10. Feel the physical love. Snuggle with your partner, have sex, give yourself a massage or even more — set a loving tone for the day.

11. Have a conversation. Make a point to talk to a friend or family member about something outside of the scope of your day-to-day to-dos or happenings each morning. Here are some conversation topics to get you started.

12. Doodle or draw. We spend so much of our day thinking logically. Tap into your creative side, by taking a few calm moments to draw, color or just doodle.

13. Sit down for breakfast. Breakfast on the go is convenient, but how nourishing and fulfilling is it, really? Even if you don’t cook it (yay, cereal!), sit down for it. No phone, no TV — just you, your food and your awesome self.

14. Try aromatherapy. I have this Wasserstein ultrasonic aroma humidifier and LOVE it. Every morning I add water, pick an essential oil that fits for my needs for the day, select the color on the humidifier that speaks to me most, and then just enjoy the experience. Such a great way to start the morning.

15. Make your bed. For months now, I’ve been religious about making my bed every day. Tons of successful people do this and while I’m not a millionaire yet, it does make you feel like you have your ish together when the bed is made — and that’s a great feeling for the day.

16. Look at your vision board. If you’re reading this site, then you probably have a dream or vision board. (If not, make one, stat!) So, each morning, take a few seconds to look at it and connect with it. This keeps your dreams top of mind.

17. Work out. This gets your endorphins high, so you’ve got energy — not to mention a huge sense of accomplishment! (And, honestly, after burpees, you CAN do anything, right?!)

18. Have a big ol’ glass of water. Before you get to #4, enjoy a big glass of water. Most of us wake up dehydrated after a night of sleep, so this can help you get going and feeling great.

19. Snuggle with your pet. Don’t just rush out the door. Take time for your pet, and you’ll both be happier for it.

20. Sit in silence. When’s the last time you just sat and listened to the world? Inside or out, take anywhere from 3-10 minutes to just observe what’s around you and in your mind. Science shows silence can have huge benefits!

21. Be grateful. We all know we have TONS to be grateful for. Think about it. Cherish it. Write it down. Feel it.

Do you have a morning ritual that makes your day awesome? Do tell! —Jenn

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