5 Foods With Surprisingly Healthy Ingredients

Call us greedy, but we want more. We want more nutrition in our food. We want more delicious, healthy options in our freezers and pantries and refrigerators. We want it all!
And we have quite a bit, as it turns out. We’ve had a number of products sent our way recently that take the idea of a familiar food and add a nutritious punch. Here’s a rundown — as well as which ones we love so much, we’re stocking up on them!

For a Healthier Pizza Party: Caulipower

What is it? Frozen pizza crust
What’s in it? Cauliflower
Can you tell? While we wouldn’t say it tastes exactly like a traditional pizza crust, we aren’t lying when we say it’s one of our favorite frozen pies available. The Margherita is delish, as is the Veggie, and then there’s also a plain crust so you can get crazy with your own combos. It’s delicious, it’s gluten-free, and, well, cauliflower is awesome. We honestly can’t stop talking about it — or eating it!

For a Veggie-ful Breakfast: Garden Lites Waffles

garden lites waffles
What is it? Frozen waffles
What’s in it? Butternut squash and carrots
Can you tell? Not even a little. These waffles will give any of your frozen faves a run for their money, and considering the main ingredients are veggies, that’s saying something. Gluten-free and allergen-friendly, they’re easy to make and serve to young and old. The Chocolate Muffins are also worth keeping in the freezer — they’re not as sweet as you might expect, but they’ve got a great dark chocolate flavor that’ll help satisfy a sweet tooth.

For a Updated Ice Cream Social: Snow Monkey

snow monkey ice cream
What is it? Superfood Ice Treat
What’s in it? Superfoods, fruits and seeds
Can you tell? Yes — but hear us out. The pitch for Snow Monkey said it was an ice cream you could eat for breakfast, and frankly, if you’re digging into the Cacao and expecting it to taste like regular chocolate ice cream, you will be in for a surprise. The banana flavor is pronounced, and it’s not nearly as sweet as you might expect ice cream to be. The Goji Berry is a little more in line with what you probably picture as traditional ice cream flavor, but again, you’re not going to fool anyone. That said, when you consider the fact that both flavors are vegan, Paleo, gluten-, nut- and dairy-free, packed with protein and full of antioxidants and fiber … well, it’s not a bad option to keep in the freezer. (Especially if you’re into blending it up into a milkshake with some cashew milk and maybe a little nut butter!)

For a Better-for-You Burrito: BFree Quinoa and Chia Seed Wrap With Teff and Flaxseeds

bfree wraps
What is it? Gluten-free sandwich wrap
What’s in it? Quinoa, chia, teff and flaxseeds
Can you tell? This is a tough one, because it’s packed with seeds, so yes, you can totally tell that it’s … packed with seeds. But that doesn’t make it bad — it’s tasty as a sandwich wrap, and while it’s not quite a traditional tortilla, the flavors don’t fight with fillings like beans, rice and taco seasonings. BFree has a wide range of gluten-free products, and while we found some of them (like these wraps and the Soft White Sandwich Loaf, which was reminiscent of a sourdough) fantastic, there were others (like the Multiseed Bagels) that we would not pick up again.

For a Protein-Packed Comfort Food: Banza Chickpea Pasta

chickpea pasta
What is it? Mac n’ cheese
What’s in it? Chickpeas
Can you tell? Sadly, the answer is a definite yes. Right off the stove, this pasta (which packs twice the protein, eight times the fiber, and nearly half the carbs of regular ol’ boxed mac n’ cheese) isn’t bad, but if you don’t finish your bowl pretty quickly, the consistency can become a bit pasty. We don’t think that’s too bad a trade off if you’re really into the idea of a better-for-you bowl of cheesy macaroni, but you’re not likely to mistake it for what you’re probably used to.
If you could magically turn one food into a super healthy option — without changing the flavor — what would it be? —Kristen

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