What the World Needs Now: Metta Meditation

People meditate for all sorts of reasons.

Some folks meditate to enhance their creativity or athletic performance, while others practice mindful-contemplation to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain or stress. You might meditate to stay grounded, while another person may endeavor to attain an altered state of consciousness.

But of the countless reasons and types of meditation, none has a higher purpose then metta meditation. Metta or loving kindness meditation is a heart-opening meditation that aims to foster greater feelings of love and compassion toward humanity. It is traditionally a Buddhist meditation, but you don’t need to consider yourself Buddhist or even spiritual to give it a go.

Metta Meditation

To practice loving kindness meditation you must first love yourself. To awaken your own self-love, recall a time when you experienced unconditional love and then repeat the following words out loud or to yourself.

May I always be happy.

May I always be free of illness and injury.

May I always be safe.

May I always be at peace.

Next, direct your thoughts toward those you have a close relationship with; change the pronoun to “you” and repeat the phrases. As you advance through the meditation, extend your feelings of love and compassion to include casual acquaintances; then strangers and finally those whom you dislike. You will repeat the phrases a total of five times.

This form of practice encourages us to treat all people with compassion and helps increase our social connectedness. When we soften our hearts toward others we become more kind, generous of spirit and considerate to others, and we experience more personal contentment, gratitude, self-confidence, well-being and joy.

Imagine the world today if everybody practiced loving kindness.

Love is a powerful tool; it can help one heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. Dedicate some of your practice time to metta meditation for the benefit of all; now more than ever, the world could use a little love.

How often do you change your meditation? — Karen

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