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Love Everything Essential Oils? Try These

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get into essential oils. They’re awesome. And it’s not just because they smell good. The different smells really do seem help me to relax or get energized. And honestly, they’re just so fun. Much like you get up and get dressed, wearing colors that might express your feelings or mood for the day, each morning I pick an essential oil variety that suits my mindset or needs for the day. And it’s something I really look forward to each and every morning. Here are three ways I’m currently getting my essential oils on (disclosure: all product sent to us for review, but all thoughts totally objective!).

1. After Workouts: Young Living Cool Azul Sports Gel

I spent weeks dealing with shoulder pain and overall ouchiness earlier this summer and it took Active Release Technique and rest to fully heal it, but Cool Azul Sports Gel ($52.30) was a life-saver for the days when my muscles were really aching. Made with 10 percent of essential oils, it cools with peppermint, oregano and Dorado Azul, along with menthol and camphor. It simply feels awesome when you rub it in achy joints, and a little goes a long way — which is great because it is pricey.

2. Every Morning: Wasserstein Aroma Diffuser Dark Wood Grain Humidifier

Is that not a totally beautiful diffuser? I’m in love with it and priced at $35.99, it’s really affordable. It can run continuously for up to 11 hours, and offers four settings: continuous mist, 1-hour timer, 3-hour timer or 6-hour timer. I simply add water, put a few drops of my favorite essential oils in and — boom — ultrasonic vibrations turn the water and oil into an ultra-fine scented mist that covers up to 30-square meters. AND, if that wasn’t enough awesomeness, it also has a light on it with seven options. So, in addition to selecting what essential oil fits my day, I also get to pick what color suits my mood. (Currently it’s light purple, FTR.)

3. When You’re Feeling Off: GuruNanda Essential Oil Blends

This summer I got what ended up being a three-week long cold and sinus infection. And IT SUCKED. What did not suck was using the GuruNanda essential oil blends ($7.99 each) to help get relief. While they didn’t cure me, Breathe Easy definitely helped me with my congestion, Thrive perked my low energy up some, and Calming Sleep was a nice natural addition to my NyQuil-induced nights. And I totally look forward to trying Slim the next time PMS cravings hit. It’s also nice to know that these oils are all sourced from responsible growers around the world, and are 100 percent pure and natural. Oh, and they also have diffusers. I love this one for a kid’s room or office!

Are you an essential oils fiend, too? What’s your favorite one? I really, really dig eucalytupus and grapefruit! Sometimes lemon and rosemary, too. Jenn

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