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Podcast Episode 46: 1-Year Anniversary Ask the FBGs Edition

For our one-year anniversary (can you believe we have been doing the podcast for a year now?!), we decided to change things up a bit and answer questions posted to us by fans of the show. We tackle everything from how to get the stink out of your workout gear  to tips for meal prep and more!

We were really excited to answer your gym-related quandaries and even gave each other some cool new tips and hacks in this episode. After all, being an FBG means you are always learning and sharing your wisdom with others!

Podcast Episode 46 Highlights With the FBGs!

  • Tips for acne and breakouts on your body
  • Why you should keep a “pineapple top” with your hair while exercising
  • Our best laundry practices, plus advice from “cleaning guru” Shannon Lush
  • Ways to get more veggies into your diet if you are veggie-averse 
  • The importance of strength training as you get older
  • Understanding the difference between being “uncomfortable” and working a bit too hard during your workouts

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Do you have any questions for us for our next Ask the FBGs ep (because we’re totally doing this again)? Post them in the comments below and we’ll get to as many as we can next time! Margo

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