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Pregnancy After a Loss

A few weeks ago I had my 16-week check up with my OB. Yay, a baby! We also learned through the genetic screening at 12 weeks that it’s a girl!

This pregnancy has really been textbook. The home pregnancy test was positive right on schedule according to the box; my seven-week ultrasound and first visit with the doctor showed a beautiful, flickering heartbeat, and the fatigue and nausea hit full force shortly after. I followed along on my pregnancy app from a sesame seed to a lima bean and so on.

But it was just a few days before my 16-week appointment that things changed emotionally. The anticipation of that appointment and the anxiety was a reminder of the trauma my husband and I had previously gone through.

This isn’t our first pregnancy. We’ve been down this road before. And (thankfully) unlike a large majority of our friends announcing their pregnancies with due dates around ours, we have already buried a baby. We have already experienced the unthinkable, the unimaginable and the heartache of losing a child.

Once you see those two lines on a pregnancy test, it’s common for the worry to set in. I would never suggest that you have to actually lose a baby to have anxiety about losing a baby. But there is a difference. Once you’ve lost your naivety, you go from worrying about something going wrong, to visualizing something actually going wrong. I can close my eyes and recall the moment I held my baby for the first and last time. And then I can fast-forward to walking toward the graveside service and seeing the tiny casket I was going to bury my baby in.

Pregnancy after a loss is a strange mix of excitement and trepidation, happiness and fear, joy and hesitancy. And as challenging as each day is knowing how drastically wrong things can turn out, I try to remind myself that I can do the hard stuff, since I’ve already done the impossible.


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  1. Losing my baby was devastating. Not just to me but my family as well. Considering I had been trying for awhile. Still difficult was forging ahead with pregnancy after the miscarriage. Found quite a few helpful article on whattoexpect.com

  2. Sometimes heavy weight create effect on pregnancy. I faced that when I was 120 KG weight. According the doctor suggestion I tried to loss the weight and then become pregnancy.

  3. Getting back in shape after baby doesn’t have to be stressful. Actually, exercising can make you feel good too.

    Start walking after you can after giving birth. This will definitely get your body moving and burning off calories.

    Perform kegels and pelvic tilts will raise the blood flow to the perineum and help accelerate the recovery process. By drawing and massaging in your stomach, You are going to get a solid foundation to receive your abs back as your buttocks and abdominals start moving back collectively.

    Do basic crunches. Watch for a separation on your abdominals by putting your finger just above the belly button as you crunch. And, it burns around 600 calories each day!
    Spice up your cardio vascular by adding some mountain periods to operate the glutes, hamstrings and quads

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