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7 Unique Baby Shower Gifts a New Mom Will Actually Use

I remember going to baby showers before I had a kid. I’d usually scroll through the registry list, picking out the cutest stuff I saw and then topping it off with one of my fave books from childhood. BUT, now that I’ve actually had a baby and know what that’s like — and what was useful and what wasn’t in that first year— my approach to baby shower shopping is totes different. Yes, cute is great (I mean, who doesn’t love adorable baby stuff?), but I want my gift to be useful for the mom

Because later, when her life is like this:


I want to help her as much as I can to feel more like this:


And here are seven baby shower gifts that I think do that pretty darn well.

DNA Miracles Natural Kids Shampoo + Body Wash ($13.95)

I find kids’ toiletries to be a really great baby shower gift — it’s stuff they need and will always use. This DNA Miracles Natural Kids Shampoo & Body Wash is extra gentle and does double duty as it works on both hair and the body. It’s also free of DEA, parabens, dyes and synthetic fragrances. Plus, it smells awesome.

Hugaboo Baby Seat ($69.99)

New moms never have enough hands. And this cozy floor seat (for babies 3 to 11 months old) allows the little ones to sit upright (it’s got a built-in support system so they can’t tip forward or slide out) with a 360-degree view of their surroundings — while letting mom be hands-free. The Hugaboo is also lightweight (so you can take it anywhere) and it’s machine washable (obviously a must).

Fit Mama Nursing Sports Bra ($89)

If you’ve got an active friend (and you’re close enough to, like, know her bra size), this is a great choice. With comfortable mid-high impact support, this is a nursing sports bra that she can wear even on days she’s not working out. With a dual panel drop down, it lets mama feed easily on one side at a time without having to drop down the other side.

Pixie ($49.99+)

Mom brain is real. And Pixie helps. This little device uses both visual and audio location methods to help you find anything you regularly misplace (keys, wallet, etc.). You simply attach Pixie to your phone and also the things you want it to help you find. From there, the Pixie app shows you exactly where all your things are relative to you — even guiding you with accurate turn-by-turn directions so you can find them faster. The only thing that could make this more awesome is if it was baby-proof so you could attach it to lost pacis and lovies!

Luv My Skivvies ($18 a month)

The first couple of months with a new baby are filled with LOTS of feelings: joy, overwhelm, excitement, love, anxiety, wonder. But one of things a new mom probably won’t be feeling is sexy. A lot has most likely happened in the nether regions, and it takes a bit to feel like yourself. Which is why, getting your friend (like, once again, close friend), a subscription to Luv My Skivvies can be great. Each month she’ll get one pair of performance panties and one pair of cute/sexy ones. This can not only be super helpful as her body changes post-pregnancy, but it’ll also give her something new to wear, which is a nice treat when you’re most likely covered in spit-up. (Ask me how I know.)

The PostBump Bag ($63.99)

I talked to the creator of The Stork Bag a few months ago, and I simply LOVED the idea of the The PostBump Bag. It’s a reusable bag pre-filled with items every new mommy needs. Assembled to match the mom’s labor and delivery method (natural or c-section) and primary feeding (breastfeeding or bottle-feeding) preference, each PostBump Bag has items ranging from the latest beauty must-haves to postnatal recovery products, plus something special for the new baby. So often baby shower gifts are only about the baby or helping mom relax, but this is the kind of stuff that new moms actually need in those first few weeks.

Baby Brezza Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer ($69.99)

This bottle warmer is a great and handy gadget for the high-tech mama. It’s Bluetooth-connected and can warm breast milk or formula quickly and easily. It’ll even send you phone notifications via an app when a bottle is ready. Guys, we’re living in the future.

What’s the best baby shower gift you received — or gave? Another one of my faves is an Amazon Prime membership — complete with an auto subscription for good coffee. —Jenn

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