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Are You Growing?

I’m always trying to improve myself on some level. I practice yoga, meditate, journal and read self-help books by the score, but just when I think I’ve got a leg up on my personal growth I lose focus and take not one, but two, three or even four steps back! It’s frustrating, but I take heart in knowing that if I keep at it, I’ll get there someday.

Like physical exercise it’s okay and even healthy to take a break — working on oneself is hard and I applaud anyone who makes the effort. But if it is time to begin again, keep reading.

What’s Holding You Back?

Many of us want to change or improve some quality about ourselves but we never get past the starting gate. We read the book on self-awareness or buy the yoga mat and when change doesn’t arrive quickly, we give up. A willingness to commit is necessary to implement growth; it must become a priority. Make a non-negotiable commitment to keep at it, whatever it may be, for a long enough period of time for growth to occur. Everything has a transition period. Trust the process. If you abandon your goal too soon, the better you will stay locked inside forever.

If you are having trouble with commitment, ask yourself why. Examine the cost in time, money and/or the effort it takes to change and compare it to its worth. Would you rather spend money on a package of yoga classes or a new pair of shoes? Which leaves you feeling more patient and emotionally balanced? Is the time spent on meditation not worth the sense of peace gained? An investment in your own personal growth is priceless.

Change – even the good kind – can be uncomfortable, but don’t let that stop you.  Self-discovery will enhance the quality of your life. And we can all benefit from becoming better people.

How can you trust the process and commit to change? —Karen

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