Double Duty Treats We’re Digging

Every treat serves a purpose. Sometimes that purpose isn’t anything more than satisfying a sweet tooth — and that’s okay! Sometimes that need just needs to be met.
But isn’t it kind of nice when you can calm that craving — and get a little something nutritious to boot?
Here are three things I’ve snacked on lately, all of which pack a one-two punch of feeling truly like a treat along with a good-for-you element.

When you need a sweet sip: Jin + Ja

Most of the time, water (sparkly or otherwise) hits the spot, but on those occasions when I want something with more flavor, more substance, more oomph … well, that’s when Jin + Ja (say it out loud and you’ll guess one of the main ingredients) comes into play. This is an elixir with fresh ginger, green tea, cayenne and lemon in the original flavor, and with dragon fruit concentrate added into the dragon fruit flavor, well, those spicy ingredients really give it a pop. Plus, they offer some great health benefits — ginger and cayenne are anti-inflammatories, and I think we all know how great green tea can be for you. Bottoms up!

When you’d give your right arm for a piece of pie: LÄRABAR

You might already be familiar with LÄRABAR, but if you haven’t noshed on the Apple Pie  or Cherry Pie, you’re missing out. Because — as you might have guessed — they truly taste like pie! Just, you know, minus the crust and juice and ice cream (if that’s the way you normally roll). In terms of a healthier snack option that you can keep in your bag, though? Legitimately can’t be beat.

When you want dessert … but are also still kind of hungry for real food: noosa mates

noosa mates
I actually already considered noosa yoghurt a top treat — that lemon flavor? Oh, boy, it is a delight. But the brand’s new line of mix-ins is kind of next level. There are five flavors: Coconut Almond Chocolate, Banana Chocolate Peanut, Honey Cranberry Almond, Honey Pretzel Peanut, and Maple Ginger (which, as you might guess based on my history of loving all things ginger, is totally my favorite). They’re all quite sweet (with a fair bit of sugar, like most flavored yogurts), but with the 8 to 10 grams of protein, they’ll also help fill you up — which is perfect when you want to have something for dessert that’ll keep you from rummaging through the fridge in an hour.
What time of day are you most likely to snack? You can find me wandering around the kitchen most days at 10:45 and again around 3. —Kristen

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  1. Stella says:

    The the Jin Ja have a lot of sugar ?