5 Adorable (and Easy) Multi-Pumpkin Projects to Do With the Fam

There’s so much to love about Halloween. The costumes, the decorations, the treats … and the pumpkins! And today, we’re showing you how to up your pumpkin-carving game with five adorable and easy multi-pumpkin projects, plus carving tips, straight out of the new book Easy Pumpkin Carving: Spooktacular Patterns, Tips & Ideas. Try ’em and let us know how they turn out!

Pumpkin Carving Tips

Carving your pumpkin is simple enough, but here are some tips to make carving easy and effective:

  • Saw steadily with a continuous up and down motion, and don’t press too hard or try to go too fast.
  • When you’re finished cutting out a standalone piece (like an eye), pop it out of the pumpkin wall with your finger, not your carving tool.
  • To cut clean, sharp corners, remove and reinsert the carving tool.
  • Carve starting from the inside of the design and working your way outward.
  • Resist the urge to put your free hand inside the pumpkin while carving. Only do so if you can clearly see where all of your hand is.
  • If you accidentally break off a part of your carving as you work, such as a protruding tooth, stick it back on with a toothpick!

5 Adorable (and Easy) Multi-Pumpkin Projects to Try

It’s time to really think outside the box! Use multiple pumpkins of different sizes to create cool vignettes or full porch decorations. Get creative and use your imagination! Here are some ideas.

1. Get ambitious by putting a skull in a pumpkin head. Find a white pumpkin that will just fit inside an orange pumpkin, then split the orange pumpkin in half and carve a basic face on it. Carve a skull face into the white pumpkin and nestle it inside the split-open orange pumpkin for a totally chilling effect.

2. Stack ’em. Carve a small hole in the bottom of a pumpkin to sit it right on top of the stem of the pumpkin below it. See how high you can stack them!

3. No guts, no Halloween glory. This isn’t technically using more than one pumpkin … but it’s using more OF the pumpkin! Instead of throwing out the guts you scrape from your carved pumpkin, why not utilize them as a humor accent as shown above? Just remember to toss the guts sooner than later — this technique is a one-night deal.

4. Have them play off each other. You don’t have to physically attach two pumpkins to make a statement. Try following a theme or just carving pumpkins that are “reacting” to one another.

5. Put a small pumpkin (or other appropriately-sized fruit) in the carved mouth of a big pumpkin. You can really make a funny scene by giving each pumpkin an expressive face!

For more pumpkin carving tips and traceable patterns, check out Easy Pumpkin Carving: Spooktacular Patterns, Tips & Ideas. Jenn

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