I Love This Coffee Maker More Than Life Itself

Okay, so that headline is a bit hyperbole. Because I like life a whole heck of a lot. But this coffee maker, guys?
It’s a coffee game changer. And it’s helping me sleep at night … and wake up in the morning. Here’s why!

Ninja Coffee Brewer Review

Before I was sent the Ninja Coffee Brewer with Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence and Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology (now THAT is a title) to review, I had one of those single-use pod machines. You probably know the name.
And it was so convenient. And tasty. And easy.
And I felt like I was singlehandedly destroying the planet with it.
I justified it for about two years because, newborn. But … reality: a newborn doesn’t stay a newborn for two years. And even though I was buying cups that could be recycled, it still didn’t feel right.
And, so, the Ninja could not have come into my life at a better time. I opened up the box, scanned the manual and had the whole thing ready to brew in about 10 minutes (and that includes the time I spent cleaning out the carafe and water reservoir). The love affair started there. And, then, it continued blossoming as I realized that this system could give you basically whatever you wanted. Classic brew? Yep. Rich brew? Push a button. Over ice? You know it.
Plus! This is really what put me over the moon — you can even choose a size including: cup, travel mug (!), half carafe or full carafe. Since my husband usually grabs coffee at his office, I’m often on my own for java during the workweek. Some days I want one cup, some days two … same days three (which is about a half carafe). And, then on the weekends, we do a full pot. It meets all of my coffee-loving needs.
Did I mention that it’s got a reusable filter (Hallelujah! And I compost the used grounds — I’m doing everything I can to make right on my sins of the past), warming plate (that keeps it at the perfect temp for two hours) and the ability to set a timer to brew? If you haven’t woken up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing without doing a thing, truly, you haven’t lived. Brew time is FAST and super quiet, too.
And for coffee-pot newbies like me (I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to own a proper coffee pot — don’t tell anyone), it even includes a “Ninja Smart Scoop,” which — right on the scoop itself — tells you exactly how many scoops you need for each size you’re brewing. They seriously thought of everything. At a price of $139, it’s worth every java-sippin’ cent. There’s also a souped-up version called the Ninja Coffee Bar, which has all these bells and whistles plus a built-in milk frother and more brewing sizes. We reviewed that here.
Do you have a coffee maker or another appliance you’re in love with? I’ve never felt a love so pure.Jenn

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  1. Moon Rivo says:

    Ninja is truly a great coffee maker. Is this machine has the facility to use ground coffee and coffee pod at a time?

    1. Jenn says:

      There’s no place for a pod — just ground coffee. Hope that helps!


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