Because We Like Being Saucy

Many of my favorite dishes involve a food being dipped in or topped with some sort of delicious sauce.
And yes, in some cases, I do consider ketchup a delicious sauce.

Wait wait wait. You guys know I wouldn’t go around espousing the magical goodness of something that wasn’t actually awesome, right? And I wouldn’t. Which is why I’ve gotta share the scoop on a couple of sauces that recently arrived for review from Chut Up.
This line of condiments comes from South African-born Chef Hugo Uys and offers the types of sauces we all crave, but with healthier ingredients than your typical options — and without any added sugar.

I received the Beet Ketchup and Peri Peri Hot Sauce — I didn’t get a chance to try the Apple & Caramelized Onion Chutney, but I plan to make it happen in the near future, because this ingredient list and nutrition label? Yeah, I can get down with that.

Of course, we’re talking about sauces, so it really comes down to one thing. Is it good?

Umm, YEAH!
The Beet Ketchup is a little smokier and richer than what you probably envision when you think of ketchup, and while it’s totally tasty on things like burgers and fries, it’s got a complex enough flavor to serve as a dip for something like pretzels. I’m dying to try it with some sweet potato fries.
The Peri Peri Hot Sauce is definitely hot, and if you’re familiar with Peri Peri flavoring, this will be familiarly delish. It’s rich and deep, but — I mentioned hot, right? I’d recommend starting out by using this somewhat sparingly to make sure it doesn’t overpower you.
What’s your favorite kind of sauce? I really, really love a good stoneground mustard, myself. Kristen

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