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Gifts Under $30 for the FBGs in Your Life

Over the years, as fitness has become a bigger and bigger part of my life, my fit fam has grown as well. If your holiday shopping list looks anything like mine, you’ve got a bunch of FBGs to buy for this year.

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for your entire crew or you need some ideas for your crew’s Secret Santa exchange with your gym peeps, I’ve got plenty of ideas for you.

Plus, in the spirit of giving something useful and meaningful without going broke in the process, each of these gift ideas will set you back less than $30.

(Please note that some products below might contain an affiliate link, which means you pay the same amount you’d pay if you went directly to the site, but it helps us keep the lights on around here!)

For the CrossFitter

stance slay socks

  • Ped Egg. I know this is not what this product was originally designed for but it works wonders for filing hand calluses down so they don’t pinch and rip when you grab a barbell or do pull-ups. Pick one up for $13 and save your friend a ton of misery.
  • Lacrosse balls. Seriously, one can never have too many lacrosse balls — especially if you WOD regularly. Grab this set of three for about $20. They can be used to roll out and release just about every part of your body with pinpoint precision. Plus, they’re far more durable than using a tennis ball.
  • A speed rope. One of the secrets to nailing double unders is having your own speed rope that adjusts to your height. This one is amazing and only costs $15.
  • Super fun training socks. A little extra shin protection is never a bad thing. Why not have some fun with it like these or these (from $11 to 16)?

For the Yogi


  • Yummy Yogi Cookie Cutters. Nothing says, “tree pose is my jam” quite like a cookie. For $8.50 each, you get your choice of five different yoga poses.
  • Savasana socks. Nothing sucks worse than having cold feet during savasana. Okay, that might be a slight overstatement but if it’s ever happened to you, you know it’s bad enough to make an impact. Get a pair of warm cozy socks like these for $29.95 for your FBG to throw on.
  • A minimalist mat sling. For the FBG who can’t be bothered with a bulky mat bag, this strap works with any size mat and lets you get to and from the studio with minimal mat drama for about $18.
  • A wide headband. It’s so simple — a piece of cloth that keeps your hair and sweat at bay while you practice. Bonus points given for it doubling as an eye cover in savasana. I’m digging this one for $18.

For the Runner

new york marathon

  • Great gloves. It always seems like I can never find my running gloves when I need them so I alway have a few pairs around just in case. These are my current faves and at $25 bucks they won’t break the bank.
  • Milestone Pod. This little gizmo tracks all sorts of stuff like foot strike, cadence, stride length, leg swing, and ground contact time. It also acts as a shoe odometer to track shoe life so you know when it’s time to replace your kicks — honestly, that alone is worth the $29.95 price tag.
  • Recovery sandals. I have this pair and they’re seriously like walking on clouds. I pack them in my gear check bag and throw them on after every race. Trust me, it’s $28 very well spent and your friend’s feet will thank you.
  • Retro marathon major map prints. For the marathoner (or aspiring marathoner) in your life, a fun retro big city marathon print would look awesome hanging next to your race bling. Get one for Boston, New York, or Chicago for $28.

For the Triathlete

triathlete beer glass

  • A fun wine or beer glass. How does one traditionally celebrate completing a triathlon? By throwing one back of course! Here’s one for the wine lover and one for the beer drinker in your life for less than $25.
  • All weather bike phone mount. For those long hours on the bike braving the elements during training, this easy-to-install mount costs $20 and will survive any weather.
  • A race number belt. These belts are game changers in the transition zone. For less than $15, you can help your triathlete shave valuable seconds off her t-zone times.
  • A compact bike repair kit. It never hurts to have a spare everything but since space is at a premium on race day, this one is small enough to jam in a transition bag.

For Every Type of FBG

danielle laporte candles

  • An inspiring fitness journal. Studies have shown that people who track their workouts get better results over time. Help your FBG maximize her efforts in the gym and give her an awesome journal full of inspiration like this one for $20.
  • An uplifting candle. It’s no secret that we love Danielle LaPorte and her products, and we’re pretty sure her Energy moves candle ($15) would be a hit with just about any FBG.
  • A home plate doormat. You don’t have to be a baseball fan to appreciate the humor in this home plate doormat but it certainly helps. At only $25, it’s a steal (see what I did there).
  • Phone storage water bottle. I have to say that this one is just brilliant. Why schlep a bunch of stuff around the gym when you could just store your phone inside your water bottle like this? Absolutely genius and only $15.

What’s the best inexpensive fit gift you’ve ever received? —Alison

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