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My Cheesy Friday Night Family Tradition

Ah, Friday night. Possibly the best night of the week. The work week is over, you can relax, and the next morning brings pajamas and coffee in bed.
It’s not only now, as a working adult, that Friday has wormed its way into my heart — it’s always been my favorite.
Every Thursday night when I was a kid, my dad would say, “Happy Friday!” I enjoyed the idea that Friday could begin on Thursday after 5 p.m. And Friday wasn’t just a precursor to lounging around on Saturday mornings. Friday meant pizza night!
I know what you’re thinking: pizza isn’t healthy, and isn’t this supposed to be a blog about being fit? I get it, but if you also truly understand what it means to be a FBG, you know that eating pizza once a week is totally okay, and you should enjoy every bite.
Besides the joy of tasting such a delicious treat, it was also a special tradition for my family. We all looked forward to it every week — and I’m sure my parents enjoyed having a night where they didn’t have to come home from work and prepare a meal for all four kids!
Pizza night was connected to other special, family-focused traditions. When we were younger, it meant relaxing, eating together in our living room, watching a movie or TGIF (throwback), and often falling asleep on the couch or floor, awaking on Saturday to Bugs Bunny cartoons.
When we were older, the tradition continued — but it changed. Some of us ate pizza and left for Friday night football games, others went to work, and still others stayed home. But the one thing we always had to look forward to together, no matter how old we got, was Friday night pizza. Even if it meant a quick slice on the go.
The tradition stuck with me (no surprise there), and my husband and I still celebrate Friday night pizza night, even though it’s just the two of us. If we happen to be busy on a Friday night, we make up for it on Saturday. (He was more than happy to take up the tradition, for the record.)
Remember, food can be more than just fuel — it can be a be a way of bringing your loved ones together to enjoy something special. If pizza doesn’t quite do it for you, find a simple food that is more to your taste. This Meatball Friday tradition also sounds like a fun time, right?
What fun food-related traditions do you have in your family? –Katie

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