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I Look in the Mirror and See One Strong Mama


We see this word on tank tops. We read about women and strength in magazines. Yet we rarely connect with this word. This adjective has the ability to describe our abilities, our power, and how sturdy we might be. As I come up on the last few weeks of Weight-Loss Boot Camp with Fusion Fitness, I am drawn to “strong.”

When we think of a boot camp, we often think about measurements, numbers, the fit of our clothes, etc. Instead, I have chosen to take each week to focus on my body’s connection from the inside. I am listening, yes, but more importantly, I am noticing. I’m noticing what I am able to do: carry my children without struggle, move around more freely, have increased energy and less moodiness.

This week in one of the Fusion Studio Classes, Joscelyn, one of the instructors, encouraged us to stare HARD at ourselves in the mirror while we did each movement. She reminded us to love the girl in the mirror and to crush on her a little more. This connected with me. During classes, I tend to look around the room and compare myself. I realized that this isn’t the positive mindset Joscelyn was encouraging. Self-love is also a true marker of a strong woman.

Boot camp isn’t about the numbers for me. Fusion has taught me proper form, breathing, techniques for movements — and that has lit a fire under me like no other class has. Beyond that, Weight-Loss Boot Camp has introduced my own strength to me. Each instructor has been in the same place I have, a participant learning her own strength through the process as well.

There is no number that can speak to the strength I hold. My mind is in the same place and space as my movements. My entire body is connected and I look in the mirror and I see one strong mama!

When you look in the mirror — really look — what do you see? How can you see your strength? —Jennifer

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