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Podcast Ep 60: Relationship Expert Terri Cole

Are you ready to set some boundaries that will not only make your life happier but also way more productive? Well, wait until you get a listen to this uber empowering episode with psychotherapist, relationship expert and Founder of the Real Love Revolution & Boundary Bootcamp Terri Cole. If you have trouble saying “no” and making time for yourself, you are about to learn the best tricks to stay sane and centered. (Score!)

All of us have experienced relationships in which our identities have become hazy (or fully disappeared) — and that all has to do with setting (or not setting) boundaries. Cole is the woman to see about that. Also, she offers her best advice on how to handle difficult conversations with ease, as well as tips for letting your intentions be known in a way that’s clear to others but also comfortable for you. If you are looking to be more mindful and conscious of your choices, get ready to let her rock your world!

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Here are a few of our favorite quotes from this episode …

Podcast Episode 60 Highlights with Terri Cole

  • The downside to being a high-functioning “good girl”
  • Creating a “Proactive Boundary Success Plan”
  • The magic phrase that can help you set boundaries
  • The Facebook Live chat she had with past guest Danielle LaPorte about boundary setting
  • Uncovering the unconscious patterns that may be inhibiting your progress
  • The dark side of not taking the time to care for yourself
  • The three questions you need to ask when dealing with underlying B.S.
  • Identifying “repeating realities” and how to overcome tiring relationship patterns
  • The definition of a “core wound reaction” and how it interferes with current happiness
  • Allowing loved ones to really learn their own lessons and not take responsibility for another person’s journey
  • Plus, we discuss our own strategies for establishing boundaries

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What social situations do you have troubles setting boundaries for? —Margo

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