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Podcast Ep 62: Dave Smith Debunks Weight-Loss Myths

Back by popular demand, it’s the amazing Fit Bottomed Dude Dave Smith of Make Your Body Work returning to bust some health and fitness myths! If you think calories in versus calories out equals weight loss … oh, plan to get schooled on that, plus quite a few more things (with love, of course). We also talk about harnessing your inner motivation and how to successfully break bad habits for a happier and healthier you.

Dave also talks about the 10 in 4 Challenge where you can join a fabulous group of women and get the inspiration (along with the perspiration) to hit your wellness goals. And in the end, he turns the tables to ask the FBGs the final question — which kind of blew our minds!

Also, the Fit Bottomed World is thrilled to say we are again sponsored by VARIDESK. When it comes to making your workspace as healthy as the rest of your life, well, they’ve got it going on. See all the cool goodies they offer here.

Here are a few highlights from Dave in this ep …

Podcast Episode 62 Highlights with Dave Smith

  • Uncovering the top weight-loss myths that hinder your progress
  • Why calories in versus calories out is a flawed strategy to hit your weight goals
  • Tips for ditching “all or nothing” thinking
  • The importance of having a community that supports your health and wellness goals
  • Having the mindset to incorporate movement into your life — and not just label it as “exercise”
  • The secret to setting healthier habits
  • The new workout he has incorporated into his regimen (Hint: it includes a pose called malasana)
  • Plus, we talk more about the 10 in 4 Challenge and our new free webinar!

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What fitness myth do you wish more people knew the truth about? Let us know in the comments below! Margo

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