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5 Easy Ways to Save Money When TTC

Fertility treatments are expensive. And usually not covered by insurance. Which sucks. Really sucks.

But that’s for another post.

Because this post is all about how you can actually save some money when TTC. Because you know what? The last thing you need when trying to get pregnant is added financial stress, right? Right.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money When TTC

1. Consider other options for testing. The first thing a fertility clinic will typically want to do is bloodwork to see what your hormones, ovarian reserves and a number of other factors are. Sometimes health insurance will cover this first step (same goes for semen analysis for your partner), so check that out for sure, but if it doesn’t, get pricing before you do it. Why? Because there are new companies out there like this one that actually do this on its own and it’s usually way cheaper and pretty convenient.

2. Know your cycle. There’s the average woman’s cycle … and then there’s YOUR cycle. And the range of what’s normal is quite wide. It is super important for you to have a good idea of when you’re at your most fertile. There are a number of ways to do this (from watches to temp tracking to OPK strips — more on that in a bit), but I highly recommend the book Taking Charge of Your FertilityIt gives you a full primer on how to boost your chances of getting pregnant by timing it as best you can for your body (and knowing what signs to look for). I know women who thought they couldn’t get pregnant simply because a basic app they were using told them they were ovulating sooner then they actually were. As soon as they got the timing right, boom! Pregnant.

3. Buy in bulk online. You know all those OPK strips and pregnancy tests you go through when TTC? Buy them online in bulk (I like this mix) and you will save A TON. (Plus, then you can test as much as you want!)

4. Try an at-home OTC conception kit. If you’re thinking of doing an IUI, first try an at-home conception kit. There are a number of these out there — from cervical caps to The Stork OTC and they’re a great and affordable option if you’re wanting to boost your chances of getting pregnant but aren’t fully ready to hit the fertility doc for a treatment yet.

5. Shop around. This advice goes for doctor visits, IUIs, IVF, prescriptions … all of it. Ask to see usual costs for everything you’re thinking about doing and then look around to see where you can save. There are some great ideas and tips in this post, especially when it comes to shopping around for fertility drugs.

How else do you save when TTC? I have to add that if you are having trouble getting pregnant and aren’t sure why, it’s a lot cheaper and less invasive to test the guy first, so consider starting there. —Jenn

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  1. Martha says:

    I would find pregnancy tests at dollar stores very affordable for my case. We were trying very hard to conceive at that time and undergoing fertility treatment.

  2. Eve says:

    Ok, I get what you’re saying here and I can appreciate that if you want children you shouldn’t have to wait, at the same time you shouldn’t have to rely on government and city programs for your childcare costs. It’s only supposed to be there as a stop-gap measure for people who fall on hard times, it’s not suppose to be part of your regular income and budget (the CCB being the exception, which most families get as long as you’re under a certain income).

  3. Ali Man says:

    I recently switched to one of the above methods. I made a menu and eat according to a schedule. In general, I compose a menu for a week and buy products according to the list of two days ahead. This way I don’t go to the store every day. I look at discounts and promotions in stores where it is cheaper.

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